Cannabis infused foods – Food Focus bring you a legal update with Janusz Luterek from Hahn & Hahn

As the haze of 2020 leaves us, it is a good time to refresh our memories on the current status of the new legislation for the use of cannabis in foods. We chat to …


  1. This is an absolutely fantastic presentation! But these laws sound extremely complicated! I have seen CBD-infused softdrinks now on the shelves of a convenience store at an Engen Garage in the little town of Darling in the Western Cape!! I don't even know if it is legal for me to buy it (not that I want to). There is also a HUGE factory in Darling (the company is called BioGeist) that grows Cannabis and produces CBD oil. It is an international company, but I don't understand how they are able to operate legally in SA.

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