Cannabis Entrepreneur On State Of Legalization Across America

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  1. There is a small amount of the Tree of Life in all cannabis. Thank the honey bees for that. This is how the original Tree of Life is hidden from man. The bees crossbred the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. DNA research to separate the 2 trees.

  2. Insane this is still illegal in 2021, disgusting people are in jail over this, not a single logical reason for this to be illegal and cigarettes and alcohol is legal. This is classified same as fentanyl and meth.

  3. We need to stop promoting weed dispensaries and start growin our own. Then watch it be made illegal again. They are only trying to legalize to get the bag. Which wont happen… weed being so expensive is ridiculous. Average 3 Bill's plus plus an ounce in vegas… som of the creeps from other industries has seeped over into dispensary ownership etc.

  4. Could life be any better? The government is now sending us stimulus checks, huge unemployment checks, we dont have to pay our rent, and we can legally grow and smoke weed at home. You can call and have Cannabis products delivered to your door.

  5. The only hurdle are these boomers who saw "Reefer Madness" and took it seriously. Really. There are people STILL alive who buy into that crap. I ask…"When was the last time you smoked it?" They say "Never". I say " Oh. So you really don't know what the f-ck you're talking about"?

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