1. If you are going to use this stuff,it has to be the very best indaca plant you can get.Make sure that there is no alchohl left in the oil.It is a treatment until it cures.When made correctly it will work.

  2. The Medical Establishment named them "Cannabinoid Receptors" for a reason:
    CB1 & CB2 are in our bones, brain, central nervous system, colon, dendritic cells, heart, immune system, intestines, kidney, liver, macrophages, pancreas, parafollicular cells, retina, ribs, skin, spleen, testis, uterus, vascular system, white blood cells & bone marrow (stem cells) etc. Without the 600+ Million year old Endocannabinoid System*, Stem Cells would act like a car without a driver.
    *Dr. Guy, GW Pharmaceuticals

  3. "RICK SIMPSON is the leading patient scientist to have explored the use of Cannabis extracts to treat Cancers. It was because of his pioneering work & anecdotal reports from patient scientists from all over the world that Cannabis Science has been working with & educating patients."
    Dr. Melamede, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs / President & CEO, Cannabis Science / Program Administrator, Phoenix Tears Foundation / Scientific Advisor, The Unconventional Foundation for Autism

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