Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Marijuana and Hemp Products Are The Future

KUSH’s board of directors include some big names: Gov. Gary Johnson, Judge James Gray, Former Senator Mike Gravel, Ed Rosenthal and Stephen Downing.


  1. this is stuff ive bin speaking about since 2010…I would really like to network with anyone that is connected with this movement. hit me up if any connections available

  2. You guys need to step up your game as broadcasters. At least pretend to listen to your guests, especially when you ask them a question, regardless of if you already know the answer. Sit your ass down and stay out of the fromt of the screen when you're projecting a guest. I like you guys but you're not too good at hosting a "show". Low key is one thing but put a little effort into directing the viewers attention.

  3. what we need is a collected source of information on cannabis as a commercial industrial product so that i can take that prepared info and present it to people in my community, cops, judges, farmers, people. This kind of template could be useful for those activists out there who want to do stuff, but have trouble on where to start.

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