Cannabis Cultivation: Check Marijuana Leaf Temperature

Use a laser thermometer to measure cannabis leaves in a marijuana garden. Measure clone leaves, marijuana transplant leaves, and big established cannabis …


  1. Hi Jorge I have a question for you i have some plants in the basement. When I go to check on them i find water build up on leaves and bud i dry them the best i can. But i still don't know the cause.I think i have enough air circulation all the leaves move. Please help Im in the early flowering stages and dont want to loose my babys to rott or mold. Muchas Gracias

  2. Jorge! Did you take into acct that the thermometer asks for different calibrations depending on what it's reflecting the Lazer off of? I recently bought one and the manual makes it seem like it's not gonna be very accurate switching from one material to another. I'm not sure how much it matters but the manuals chart of variations and different calibrations for such was pretty in depth.

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