"Cannabis, Asthma & Bronchodilation": The Kootenay's Medicine Tree Talk

Today on “The Kootenay’s Medicine Talk”, Jim talks about how cannabis promotes bronchodilation, and it’s effectiveness in treating conditions that effect …


  1. Im living in Carribean sea.. When i was younger, on of my cpusin grow a tree who gives us bronchodilator effects on each tokes.. STRONG PINEWOOD RESIN TASTE.. I still searching this strain.. I never experimé something elese like this strain. It allowed more air to get in our lungs.. It was an holy Pheno.. If anyone have an info to get me on the way of this tresure. ??????

  2. everytime i smoke weed it keeps harassing me, as in I'm getting a terrible time to breathe after I don't know why it start to act up this way now but I notice i have a cold and smoke it's giving me a hard time now it never use to be like that why is that so?

  3. I can't smoke weed anymore because it gives me asthma side effects, I feel there is something in the cannabis whether pesticides or mold. Either way it just seems that some strains give me asthma type side effects for up to a month. I've been smoking for ten years and this just recently started.

  4. First of all, they sold tobacco cigarettes as well as medicine.  Secondly, citing one person's experience is not science.

    Show me research using double blind studies, peer reviewed.

    Also, Kurt Cobain shot himself in the head.   So, why would I take advice from someone who supports that?

  5. There's a high tech vape pen that has the terpenes of pinene abs limonene in them, two of the biggest in cannabid that cause Bronchodiloation. Should I use the higher THC or the higher CBD brand?
    There's also a girl scout cookies vape

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