Cannabis and Alcohol on the brain, explained by a Neurosurgeon

Ever wondered what Cannabis or marijuana does to your brain and what alcohol does to your brain. Here it is explained by our famous Neurosurgeon Dr Remi …


  1. Your body takes 3 days to remove the toxins of alcohol from your system. Weed can take 90 days upwards to leave your system.
    So have to ask. If it was really that bad for me. Why wouldn't it leave sooner.

  2. First off alcohol is not a medicine but its legal weed is a medicine but it is illegal alcohol causes so many problems gets u angry and violent weed makes you humble your self and you are happy so I dont know y ppl focus on the negatives of weed when alcohol is doing a million times more damage

  3. Didn’t have ANY bad stuff to say about the marijuana… So get it people ?alcohol so much worse! Marijuana is healing !!!why the hell are the laws this way ?they are backwards ass ..I hate this state I hate this law system

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