1. I'm glad to see he made it out of the hospital okay and wish him well in his recovery and his long fought by battle with cancer. Sorry to have to you bro these cops really need to stop doing to ppl.

  2. The thug should lose his humanity membership card, not just his job. That was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. The hospital staff were trying to get him to stop recording at the same time the guard was violating his rights. That is some wonderful hospital. They must all take the Hypocrite Oath there. Guard rummaging through his stuff while the nurses threaten to take away any care if he resists.

  3. I've ran into some pretty crappy cops in the past. A little bit of background I'm a young adult with a lot of illnesses and health complications. So I do require a 24/7 nurse to be with me at all time. I grew up in the Lebanese community and my nurse is Lebanese so you're going to see some Lebanese / Arabic phrases. For example habibi is a term of endearment it's what we call someone that we're really close to I have an IV in my hand sometimes for certain medications an IV in my port in my chest for my continuous meds and a feeding pump for a continuous feeding. My nurses name is Greta and we are actually really really close. So we were going out of state for a family gathering so I could meet some of her family. At the time the ivy giving me some really strong meds was in my hand the medication made me kind of sleepy for a second and when I woke up I saw that we were stopped by a police car and I said Greta what's going on? And she said habibi or being stopped by police officers don't worry I'll take care of it. The police officer told us that we're going to have to get out of the car and my nurse ask me if I think I would be able to get out. I told her yes but I'm going to need help I'm on one of my weaker days. I am a fall risk so she often has helped me quite a bit. As she's getting me out she's explaining to them that she is my 24/7 nurse and she asked if it would be okay if I at least leaned on their car so I wouldn't fall cuz I can't stand on my own without support they said yes. There were two police officers one male one female the female officer was talking to me and the male officer was talking to my nurse. The female officer was asking me if I've had too much to drink for if I was on something and due to the IV medication that was going in I couldn't really explain because I was so groggy. She saw that I was carrying a bag that had all my ivy and feeding machines with the corresponding Ivy and feeding bags. She tells me she's going to have to search my backpack then search me with a pat down then I said in a really tired way I'm immunocompromised and then she said she had latex gloves. I guess I was really tired because I didn't realize it at first that she was searching and then I began to feel I sense of discomfort in my hand and in my chest that was just progressing and becoming a burning sensation and then I felt really sick to my stomach and then I became more alert and realized that police officer was messing with my IV bags then the pain got too much and I yelled stop stop it burns it burns then because of the stomach discomfort I accidentally ended up barfing on the police officer and she said that's it I'm going to have to detain you she came over with handcuffs and this weird little mask that from what I could see didn't have any breathing holes or had very little breathing holes. And before the officer was able to put the cuffs on me and that intimidating-looking mask I yelled GRETA!!! And she came running over the male officer saw with the female officer was about to do and was going to help her restrained me then my nurse got in the way to protect me and said stop what do you think you're doing? Then the female officer explained that she was going to have to detain me and put this mask over my face because I barfed on her. Then the police officer said now let me see your hands and she tried to grab my hand with the IV in it and my nurse put her hands over mine in a way where it wouldn't hurt my iv l then my nurse said I'm right here hon I'm not going to let them detain you And then my nurse is asking why is he thriving in pain and saying it burns then my nurse saw my backpack unzipped and said you did not to the officer then my nurse said do you not realize what these are these are IVs and feedings. You have no business being near those things. Can the police officer said well I'm still going to have to detain him it's best you cooperate and stop preventing me unless you want to be detained as well. and my nurse said no you're not then the police officer said pardon me then my nurse said one if you put that mask on his face he's going to have a very difficult time breathing more than he already does then she said you're not putting those handcuffs on either and then my nurse said to me habibi I'm going to have to show them your hand I know you don't like showing your IV but one I need to check it out also it's for your own safety so that way they won't cuff you I told her you're my nurse you know what's best. So she got on her mask and gloves and gently took my hand and showed it to them. Then she took a look at it and saw that it looked like I was in quite a bit of pain cuz the IV in my hand did not look that great. Then she pointed to where my feeding tube and my Iv chest port were. She asked if it would be okay if she took me to the car so she could check me out better they gave her permission and she took a look at my chest port and saw that let's just say it look like I was in quite a bit of pain. The burning sensation went down almost completely gone when she was checking me out. Then when we came back out and we got close to the cops I was like no more no more in Arabic and she was like shh its ok habibi i'm not going anywhere and they're not going to come near you and cause that much pain and discomfort to you anymore I promise honey. she said you both are lucky that none of his IVs popped out otherwise that would be very unpleasant for him and an unpleasant experience for all of us. Then I said Greta I'm getting awfully tired I think it's time for me to go on my oxygen machine for a little bit and she said I know habibi I'll get you on your oxygen when we start going again. Then I told her I was about to barf again because the feeding tube discomfort was still there and she told the cops you guys might want it back up just in case and then they were like why what's going on and then she got out a little bag and then they knew I was about to retch again Then my nurse said now can we please be on our way? He is getting pretty tired and its time for some of his oxygen therapy. The female officer said yes. Then my nurse said thank you then the female cop said we would usually charge you guys with not cooperating and obstructing our job but seeing that you were just protecting him as his nurse and due to the medical items and IVs attached to him we're just going to let this go.. it went something like that I was really out of it from the IV meds so I don't remember it exactly.. the cop asked if my nurse wanted help getting me to the car and my nurse said are you kidding I'm not letting you near him after what you did and by the way for almost trying to put something on him that would make it hard for him to breathe for trying to detain him because he barfed on you because of you and fou mesing with his Iv bags and feeding bag and causing him great pain and discomfort we'll be seeing you crooks in court. After all that my nurse got my oxygen going and we continued on our way.

  4. It’s all good! With the amount of gmos and sweets these officers eat, they cld very well possibly be in this mans shoes very soon and we’ll see what they do to save there lives!! And yes cannabis saves lives, do some f’n research… when that officer said that, it was so disrespectful to every person that beat cancer with just using the cannabis plant, not to even count out all the kids with epilepsy who’s parents paid hundreds of thousands of dollars on meds that never worked while there was a beautiful flower that helps stop there kids suffering and is a whole lot cheaper!!! That’s why it doesn’t make national news as much… why would they let you know of a flower that u can grow in ur backyard urself thats inexpensive and can save ur life from various diseases while they would rather sell u over priced placebos, keeping u relied on them, while filling there pockets up with ur money and pretending dumb when u come back in for a check up and ur telling them that nothing is working? let’s try another medication the fda just approved, but it does come with a few side effects ?‍♂️

  5. I'd like to say I'll pray for the security guard and cops, but I won't. Those guys are just sad. They can't find the high road between a sick man trying to get better and doing their job. A sign of the times, I suppose.

  6. Inexcusable: illegal search , no probable cause , no justification, no common sense… what are these baby faced cops thinking? I am ex State Trooper and completely embarrassed by today’s cops ! Shameful, I am now an NP and I would have thrown those guys out of the room! And gone to jail on principal. Does anybody have any idea how excruciating pancreatic cancer is???? No you don’t! You can’t know! It’s the worst of them!

  7. This is ridiculous and outrageous what the police and hospital did to this patient and I hope that the hospital does the right thing and teminate the ignorant keystone wannabe cop sec guard. The ciry and police along with the hospital should apologize for the numerous violations they did against this patient and his dignity they trampled on. God bless, this patient and his family. Please consider suing the 4 agencies involved from the police and the city to the hospital and the ignorant security guard, what a fricken moron he was.

  8. The security guard and these officers or a disgrace they all should lose their jobs and find an imprisoned for this act of embarrassing the entire human species !!!!!!!!9 this definitely isn't serving and protecting it's bullying and criminalizing like a money-grubbing mafia !!!!!!!!9

  9. This is why WE THE PEOPLE have to stand up to BIG OVERREACHING GOVERNMENT LIKE THIS!!!!! STOP GIVING UP YOUR RIGHTS AMERICANS when u allow government (which are just a bunch of regular people) into ur personal life like this PEOPLE LOOSE EVERYTIME this is a bunch of bullshit POWER CORRUPTS

  10. "I smell pot or alcohol" is a go to! You can't smell the caps 🙁 one thing of note is that many stage 4 CA patients have an aroma about them secondary to the disease attacking the body. Many of us can smell it and there are CA dogs that are trained to sniff out CA in a variety of stages. But I don't think whomever made the call was a CA sniffing dog

  11. If anyone sees that pussy lying security guard BEAT THE FUCK OUTTA HIM he deserves nothing less than that fucking POS and those thugs with badges let's hope some gang member takes care of their thugs asses permanently.

  12. Need Nurse Alex Wubbles all up in here…seriously I’m an RN and would have sacrificed my job and possibly my license standing up for this patient. They would have put me in jail right on Facebook live before I let his rights be violated

  13. The laws in the US of A are ridiculous. Protect big pharma and screw the people that will and do benefit from THC and CBD oil. You are the laughing stock of the world when it comes to keeping Marijuana listed as a schedule one drug when it is actually a very beneficial herb.

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