1. The best route is to go with a connoisseur approach. No more wack graphics/ logos, sleepy stoner references, slurred speach representatives. You have to show that most smokers are intelligent/ poised people that are responsible citizens.

  2. I live in Canada, I smoke Cannabis almost everyday and it's come to a point where I do it anywhere in public… except for parks and places where children play and are at. I've bumped into several Adult stoners and non-smokers and there has never been an issue. I've even seen police…. they never saw me, but cops around here aren't too tough on Cannabis citations. When I buy my Cannabis, I never feel like i'm doing anything wrong or sketchy, I mean from time to time you bump into the 'gangster' drug dealer that steals your money, but for the most part all the Cannabis dealers are nice normal people. I don't get how the government can grow thousands and thousands of lbs. of Cannabis, and sell it for millions…. but yet people can't sell a few oz. from here and there. Canada and Cannabis go hand and hand, and it's in Canadian culture now to smoke. Cannabis has made my life a lot better, when I smoke it I NEVER think of it as a drug and only a medicine for my ADHD and Anxiety. It's great here in Canada. Canada even starts with "Can", Cannabis starts with "Can" too!

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