Can I use CANNABIS and Stay SOBER??? – (Episode #61)

gettingsoberagain #soberiety #marijuana The short answer is NO. Using a different substance to FEEL better, to get feelings on demand, isn’t healthy, and it’s …


  1. Made it 30 days!!! Feeling good and good about myself. Experiencing some of the things you talked about in your list of 20 things; sleeping better, remembering my dreams, thinking clearer, more $, etc. Thanks! This channel has really made a difference!! P.S. Congratulations on over 400 subscribers!!!!

  2. I knew this would eventually come up. The thought crossed my mind, but then I thought I would be swapping one crutch for another and am trying to see sobriety as a mental and physical improvement/journey. That's just how I AM trying to approach it. Everyone is different as you mentioned.

  3. You have a solid respectful approach to what you do man. People in recovery need to be able to have more conversations on this specific topic.

    Love the titles, editing and audio edits on this!

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