1. May as well say Pharmaceuticals are also a sin. More of a "drug" than marijuana. God gave us dominion over the plants. It is a medicine. Just because people can abuse it doesn't make it sinful. I use it for my Bipolar 1 disorder and PTSD. So then is it a sin to use it as medicine? It does not cause me to want to sin any more. If anything it makes me pray more and contemplate the word more. We already have Alcohol which is affordable, addictive, dangerous, lethal, and leads to any of the deadly sins. It's legal already. Prophecy is being fulfilled at this moment and in the days to come. I think some folks have a very inaccurate bias towards marijuana. I wonder how many are experienced with using it as medicine before they judge it so harshly. I have used it FOR my mental health after military service and it has helped tremendously. I know many many folks who use it and nothing else. So no it is NOT a gateway drug. There is a superficial understanding here. Yes it has helped me grow in my relationship with Christ. Yes it has helped. Maybe we should have our eyes to the heavens instead of debating if a plant is a sin. To be honest you guys sound ignorant and disconnected even for your status. So please make the distinction between medicine and the abuse of addicts. Because we are all addicts to something. We all worship something. So should people use medicine at all?

  2. recreational is a relative term. perception of what your assuming "high"/"unhigh" is, and the questions you are battling with internally that are discomforting while smoking, wouldnt it be correct to understand you may be assuming something that has been politicized as wrong or a bad habit or abusive or a drug etc. and not the actual plant and its 'effects'? not disrespectfully saying this but, mother teresa could have easily had a joint in her mouth and still have done everything she did.take reference to the book of revelations where man inevitably brings his own destruction, and that perception and connection with god or what god wants clearly is absent in a direct sense, so where are your truths about such things coming from? is marijuana the problem or the false sense of control, power, and wealth the dividing factor here? delusions and ego maybe could be where these struggles are conceived? and not from a plant that imo can be used in 'prayer'. why would god have made marijuana then? to not do it? i mean its not lethal, and when done in a serious matter really isnt all that enjoyable at all. paranoia from the reality of human decay and suffering and the fear of god come to my mind often, is that fun? why is there so much historical research showing cannabis in relation to being a holy sacrament? its incense man, and if you wanna do it 24/7 wanking off all over the place, thats the individual not the plant. hemp is one of the most versatile and useful natural products we have. whether any of what i just said is true or not, is irrelevant; my point being human perception does not make something real, right, or true.. and there are two sharp edges to that sword. and just because you are asking for a direct answer from god about something, maybe you arent even asking practical questions. maybe issues are of a deeper spiritual sense and your daily habits, and routines, have nothing to do with your connection to god. this concept of having to interpretably modernize god or the word of god is too shallow and politicized and egotistical imo. im not saying smoke weed or not smoke weed, and the older i get the far less and often i smoke, but i 100% believe the plant to be holy, if people turn away from that and think they are getting "high" and have "the munchies" i think you really need to take a good look in the mirror.

  3. Heads up; If you say don't listen to Pope Francis unless he speaks ex cathedra you'll get censored. Typical cultist behaviour. I'm Catholic but not a Pope worshipper. Francis has basically blessed sodomy from his own personal words, but he'll chant down weed? pfft. think again Papa!

  4. Marijuana is NOT a drug. It is a plant. The key is MODERATION! There is nothing that enters a body that can defile it!!!! Sound familiar? It should the Lord said it. It is what comes out of the body that defiles. If you use weed and act and talk like a fool, then yes, stay away from it. If you use weed and it helps with your pain (physical, mental, spirtual) and your life is better in the end…then use it. These boys in the vid are giving a 'cookie cutter' faith, patched together from words of others that 'know better'. 'cookie cutter' faith doesn't stick. Weed: Use it, and don't abuse it!

  5. Smoking, it is an issue, I agree… consuming it, however, cant be an issue considering Genesis 1:29. It's food, and sometimes we cook food. Being high was inevitable, and from my seat it looks like anyone that would consider destroying the plant entirely would be guilty of stripping the world of a gift from God.

  6. Some substances block you from God. I have a medical marijuana card. I can tell you I sit and pray the whole time. It can’t be all that bad unless it’s turning into sloth. Other drugs like alcohol or cocaine etc…try praying on those or even desiring to pray on them. Not happening.

  7. People should give God and His Church the money that they would have spent on drugs. THEN, God will open the windows of Heaven, and pour them out a great blessing! His Word promises that, and HE never, ever lies. ⛪️?❤️????

  8. I’m a full believer in Christ I love him with everything and yes I smoke weed and the Bible does say be sober minded so you can pay attention for what is to come and be prepared, even after I smoke I can still focus on what I need to focus on with ease I can still pray I can’t still read the Bible and I can’t still do what I need to do without a problem now I do believe that smoking weed is a sin but only if u do it to the point where you can’t focus, can’t pay attention or can’t do what you need to do but if u can smoke weed but still do exactly what you need to do just like drinking your allowed to drink a little bit but not to the point of being drunk same thing with smoking you can do it but only to the point where you don’t get high just feel a little buzz which is not getting high im not saying smoke weed if you don’t good keep it that way but for people who do look towards the lord and ask him you might receive and answer or not it just depends

  9. The biggest problem with weed in the physical realm is how easy it is to fall into the "it's not addictive and its harmless" mentality. Especially when you're young and grow up smoking weed.

  10. I'm a Catholic who uses Cannabis to help me with Clinical Depression and chronic anxiety. I take it with my prescribed pills which do nothing.
    The most addictive thing I've ever put in my body is nicotine. I don't get wasted. Ive been approved for medical use by a Doctor. My little boy has MD. Through the grace of God, I'm praying 2 rosaries everyday and going to Latin Mass every Sunday.

  11. In my opinion, Marijuana by itself and legalization isn't the issue (they clarified themselves by distinguishing medicinal and therapeutic use from recreational). The issue comes from becoming dependent and addicted to the habitual use of it. Turning it into an idol in a sense.
    From a purely pragmatic standpoint, legalization is the obvious answer, because it opens the door to something that is impossible under criminalization: REGULATION. It reduces organized crime by removing a massive source of income from gangs and cartels, sinful businesses that prey on the most vulnerable and commit horrible atrocities every day for profit. It will drag the substance into the light of the law, meaning people who do use it won't hide their use from everyone, their support networks (friends and family) will be able to better monitor them to make sure they aren't abusing the substance. And if it's taxed, some of the money spent on it can go back into the community. Prohibition and the War on Drugs have definitively and irrefutably proven that turning vulnerable addicts into criminals does nothing but make it worse.
    Does that mean that we should just not care and take a view point of "oh well, it's legal so let's just use it all we want without regard." Absolutely not. Again, the history of prohibition attests to this. Cultural complacency towards allowing an addictive and potentially dangerous substance to run amok in society will lead to constant abuse and sin, which will in time cause a reactive movement against it, criminalizing and scapegoating the substance instead of addressing the root causes, and starting the vicious cycle of the war on drugs all over again.
    So what do we do? We exercise what is for many the most difficult virtue: TEMPERANCE. Educating yourself on the dangers of substance abuse, having a good support network you can rely on in case you slip into bad habits, knowing your limits when it comes to the substance, not becoming dependent on it or desensitized to it from constant over-use, and being honest about whether you even want to partake in the use at all, which is entirely your own decision that should be made freely and without giving into peer pressure.
    The Enemy wants us to become addicted and enslaved to substances, and to eventually turn them into our idols. But when he can't do that, he will try to stir up strife in us, embolden our wrath, and make us look upon those who use the substances, whether they are vulnerable and have become enslaved, or if they are vigilant and use it responsibly, he will make us look at them all with hatred and disgust, to dehumanize them and scapegoat, to not treat our fellow humans with the love and respect and support they deserve, and to turn these substances into an idol again, and idol of hate, but an idol nonetheless.
    For the sake of making my own bias clear and being honest, I use marijuana recreationally. On average I smoke maybe once every 2-3 weeks, though sometimes it will be as often as once a week, and sometimes I will take breaks from it for several months, even as long as a year. I almost never smoke alone, I have no desire to, for me, it is only pleasurable to use when I am in the company of good friends, and we always make sure not to over indulge and be responsible (i.e. not driving while high or going to work while high).
    I have had friends in the past that have I have lost to the addiction of marijuana, people who completely dropped off the radar, and I would only hear about how they were spending all their time smoking every day. When I would run into them, it was like they had completely changed their personality for the worse. The light of passion and intellect they once had was so far diminished, it was sad. Even my atheist friends agree, abuse of any substance, including marijuana, is just plain bad for you. But that's what it is, ABUSE, ADDICTION. That is where the true problem lies. You could swap this out with alcohol, other drugs, even pornography, the problem remains the same. Idol worship, in a very abstract but real sense. Demonization will breed hatred, Abstinence will breed envy, Gluttony will breed slavery, WISDOM WILL BREED TEMPERANCE.

    sorry for the novel, but the more I wrote the more I felt I needed to clarify and elaborate, thank you to anyone who reads this.

  12. THC kills brain cells and neurons die. It effects the central nervous system and causes significantly delayed responses on numerous levels. Every friend I found to have been on it, literally looked like they suddenly became retarded: drastically slowed neurological responses, slow speech, dull expressions, lack of sharp thought processes, (exaggerated false sense of intelligence/false sense of enlightenment). imparted thought processes.
    It opens doors to evil spirits, fixed negative opinions, lack of reality and lack of open mindedness because they only believe their demented sense of reality is truth. I wish they could see themselves! It’s really very embarrassing.
    Just Don’t Do It! It’s Not Worth The Damage I’ve Witnessed To Friends, (some of which I had to move away from because of arguments caused by impaired thinking).
    Pray Your Rosary Instead & EXPERIENCE SIGNAL GRACES!!! That’s The Real Thing! And It’s WONDERFUL!

  13. This is why religion is losing so many.
    I believe in the Father in heaven, the Father is good and only The Father in heaven is good. Religion is irrelevant. A relic of a time past holding on before it to falls prey to time.

  14. legalization shouldnt matter on this topic. Legal is what man says is wrong or right. Law is what God says is right and wrong. Whaterver is against the Law will never be ok to do, like murder, rape roberry. Alchohal was once illegal then man said its legal. I think its important to know differance before having any discussion about right n wrong.

  15. Cannabis helps me grow in Jesus Christ and heals whomever it touches. Jesus used cannabis. Christ means "Anointed in Anointing Oil" which contains cannabis. Either Jesus used cannabis or He was not The Christ. Anyone who denies this is the AntiChrist.

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