This penny stock has huge potential…from magic mushrooms/psilocybin, to Covid-19, cancer, and Blockchain…this company does it ALL. Joe Rogan and Paul …


  1. BTW, careful adding these extended clips of other YouTube videos as they CAN be copystriked. If you add your own window of yourself and making casual commentary it falls under fair use and can slip by that legal issue. Not saying JRE will do it but they can. Good video though. More people should be aware of this!

  2. Glad I found this late and the market tanked! I have been paying attention to $MINE as an interesting sub penny growth play, but AIKI may be more viable shorter term. $SANP to the moon! 2M shares @ .02C let's gooooo!

  3. Great video. Definitely feeling the shroom stocks. I think they are going to be big. Shrooms are awesome haha they changed my life and helped me a lot. Definitely bullish on these stocks. Keep the awesome videos coming.

  4. Pleased to see a video on this stock/rediscovered medical innovation. Yes I've been a proponent of psilocybin and have witnessed first-hand the benefits to VFW's suffering from PTSD. No I'm not a financial advisor but I do make a buttery omelette to die for. Please enjoy the rest of your weekend too.

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