Today we cover 3 cannabis stocks to buy now! The cannabis sector is exploding right now and these 3 penny stocks have huge upside potential! Are they a …


  1. Best fractional penny stock is .MINE. up 200+% today and up all last week. Mushrooms and pot stock. Keep a eye on this stock when a market caps under 83 million it can move fast. Probably explain why its moving fast haha

  2. Planet 13 (PLNHF) is the best bet. 30x+ from here (mid $6 range) is easily possible in the next 5 years if legalization goes well.
    The reason its the best MJ play is because of the great management team and their vertical integration (basically meaning they grow, prepare, and sell their own branded products) for their business.
    They just raised cash and are actively building new facilities.
    Market cap of just over $1 billion, and not even on any major stock exchanges.
    I can see Planet 13 being a $40 billion company once the US gets most states legalized

  3. Congrats on 4k! When you first hit 1k I said by end of this year you would be at 5k easy. Haha you are almost there now. Hot sector for sure. Always have interesting picks. Thanks for sharing. Like #83

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