Best Cannabis ETF's & Stocks to BUY NOW!

In this video, we will talk about what Cannabis Stocks and ETF’s are a good buy right now. The cannabis stocks I like most are the companies that operate in the …


  1. GW is going to lose a lot of sales from Epidiolex to Zogenix Fintepla. Fintepla FDA approval 6/25/20. 80% efficacy vs Epidiolex 39%. Fintepla is best in class seizure med for Dravet Syndrome. EMA approval 12/21/20. I own Zogenix. All Dravet boards on web, have parents commenting on their Dravet kids, say Fintepla is a miracle drug compared too Epidiolex.I own CVSI too. CBD play. Up 28% today. Over 50% in last week.

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