Benefits of Cannabis for athletes

Brand New Channel – Subscribe for more. Ex Bodybuilder and 6 time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates and Joe Rogan discuss the super plant that is Cannabis.


  1. Have had my battles with alcohol , coke , heroin , all of these things burn my life to the ground , some faster then others. To the dismay of aa and na I now exclusively smoke tree , do cardio most days , lift most days and go to work everyday. And never woke up dope sick or had to lie ,cheat and steal to get my fix. However , tree ain't God , I can easily fall into thinking I can't tap into my higher power without tree. So I'm working on that. Thanks Dorian and Joe , respect both of your work ethics.

  2. Smoking is UNHEALTHY in every way, no matter what you smoke… I mean, do you have to be a Harvard student or a MD to understand that combustion is harmful for the lungs and respiratory system, that caughing is your body trying to extract all the toxins and tar from your lungs, trachea and everything ? Delusion is here guys and it is no good when preaching something. vaping is ok. edibles are ok in terms of body harm. Dosage is VERY important for the use you wanna have with it. Any medication can be a poison, and also.. it is not because something is NATURAL, that it is GOOD. Or BAD for that matter…Cannabis has been a aid for me, for resting after a workout, alleviate stress and having a lot of fun. It also been harmful at times and I had to quit for a while. However, Every day THC (I insist on the DAILY factor) can be psychologically harmful and you have less energy than without, for the vast majority of ppl. Of course you will have exceptions. And weed helps a lot of ppl who need it, I don't deny that. It also destroys a lot of lives and families. Truth is NEVER all white or all black. You guys love cannabis and I respect that. But because the cousin of your step brother out there feels fine smoking before a workout, doesn't mean its ok for all (internet can amplify this belief, if you don't tape into enough information sources and are selective over them. Because a study shows a certain result over something, doesn't mean it shows the truth and reveals a fact. Thats why there are PLENTY of studies and picking one is just not very serious when you wanna prove something… and serious studies against cannabis also exist. let's put away our experiences, our affinity towards something and be neutral when wanting to talk one subject. Which Joe and his friend here, both cannabis lovers, do not do ! Beware of cognitive bias ? with all that said, Be safe. peace !

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