Barleans: CBD Hemp Oil

Watch Full Interview: Barleans is a family owned company that has produced healthy oils for over 30 years. It now has …

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  1. While this isn't fully related to it, I dislike the new acceptance of weed culture. I've seen it turn bright, motivated young people into lazy, unmotivated, dull people floating through life with no real drive or purpose. Not to mention there are some studies that shows it lowers IQ by up to 10 points with long-term use. I'm not a stickler or anything but it's just worrying to see young teenagers thinking it's harmless and acceptable. It's quite concerning in my opinion.

    I understand the oils can help people with serious conditions like seizures and cancer treatment which is completely legitimate. My worry is the blurring of the lines between medicinal use and recreational drug use.

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