Azure introduces Wolf Run Organics for Hemp & CBD

We created so you could buy our hemp and CBD products with click-and-ship ease, because we can’t offer it on our Azure Standard …


  1. Is Azure going to start limiting the number of the same items that customers can purchase? Not one item in my order is being shipped. Many grocery retailers are limiting the number of the same item that customers can purchase. I hope that Azure will do the same.

  2. It's sad when they give me a 15 percent discount on my first order in a email and then the very next day they tell me they wont honor it cuz their greedy money hungry since there sales are up and now they are price gouging the American people trying 2 cash in on covid 19 I didn't think they would do that since I heard they were a good company but I must of heard wrong cuz I wont do business with a company that raises there prices cuz of what's going on in the USA no different than going and buying all the hand sanitizer and price gouging on Amazon yet very sad they would stoop so low

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