Associate Professor Michelle Glass: The brain and cannabis basic pharmacology

Associate Professor Michelle Glass is a BRNZ member and the Head of Department in Pharmacology at the University of Auckland. Her research interests …


  1. You seem smart, I don't understand why your 'Medicinal Cannabis Advisory Group' has done nothing to help PWMS and other invalids who aren't rich.
    There are no medicines provided for most PWMS in NZ. Invalids are at the bottom of society in NZ and you had a chance to help people but your scheme/ regulations only support drug companies and wealthy people. Pharmac are no help. No one seems to want to help and you(Gov)won't let me help myself. Shame on you and shame on the nasty politicians. Don't be nasty! oh, BTW JWH-018 is a great drug for MS. Too bad Peter Dunne banned it in 2011 and then re-introduced stronger and less tested chemicals. Drug policies are destroying so many lives in NZ and around the World.
    Take some responsibility and stop denying sick and disabled people a chance at life.
    Many disabled people won't make it to the relatively big bucks that pensioners get. The 50% income increase at 65 makes it clear that disabled people are the unwanted scum in society. Your group seems to be supporting greed not need.

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