APHA #growthstock #cannabisstock #TLRY Hello youtubers! Welcome to my video and In today’s video I want to reassure you guys not to panic sell Aphria stock …


  1. I bought Tilray at 32.00 Do you think it will be a long time before it gets back there? Its now around 28. Also have Sdnl at 2.26 and not its 2.00. I don't wanna take the loss but I don't want to sit too long.

  2. Thanks for this man, I need it right now. Bought TLRY at 52 Wednesday. Now It's 4am Sat morning and I haven't slept thinking about how deep in I am. The punch to the gut feeling is real. For the life of me I don't know why I didn't set a stop limit. Just got caught up in the euphoria I guess. Holding and averaging down now is the smart play for sure. It's nice to have the reassurance, subscribed. 🙂

  3. Damn, this was pretty genuine. I’m down $15,000 and I got it at $44.90. Didn’t think it would dip more— too soon to assume it was a healthy pullback but your bode of confidence makes me think it might be so. Some are saying this was an organized bear attack by wsb, inconclusive.

    I’m not entirely at a loss here as most of this money that dipped me is around 50% of my returns from the past couple weeks, but it sure did stump the flow.

    Waiting for a trend reversal soon, I was planning on opening a business with these returns but honestly I’m still hopeful—even more so with this merger news.

  4. Don’t listen to those fuckers you were right… I’m currently holding a bag and wish I had saw your vid 12 hours before I did. Great analysis keep speaking truth

  5. Good video! I actually got into APHA at $15.57 for 107 shares back on 2/3/21, and bought 50 shares at $27.35 on its way up out of fear the price was going to continue to run-up. I wasn't looking for quick 1-2k profits, so I made the decision to HODL as it started to drop from that $30 price range. I obviously didn't expect it to completely tank with a major sheep sell-off, but I think the smartest thing I did was buy in for another 50 shares at $18.36 to bring my cost average down. I'm at roughly $19/share right now, but think you're spot on that APHA is a well-built company, and is going to produce returns for its investors long term. Wanted to get your thoughts on Organigram. Currently hold close to 800 shares at $4.14/share, just trying to gauge others thought on it's long term lifespan. Pretty bummed I didn't take profits on it when it was at $6, but feel like they too are another long term hold in the MJ industry.

  6. This is why it's important to do research when investing long term. If you believe in the companies potential for long term growth you won't get discouraged when the price dips. I invested based on the business prospects with the merger, European distribution deals and American weed legislation.

    To me Investment isn't just about making a quick profit, its about trying to find the next Amazon before it becomes Amazon.

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