Anti-vaxxers take over Adelaide's CBD ahead of COVID-19 vaccine rollout | 7NEWS

Adelaide’s anti-vax movement has marched on parliament house demanding the COVID vaccine rollout be scrapped before it has even begun. 4000 doses will …


  1. This movement is basically my body my choice, so yeah my body my choice and I choose to get a vaccine, im not listening to this anti vaccine bs, their the same people who say covid isn't real
    My whole family was infected with covid so no thanks conspiracy theorists, you guys are as irrelevant as a cheap ad on fb or YouTube that I click unrecommend to get off my feed, I listen to doctor and scientists I don't listen to a bunch of conspiracy theorists

  2. At this point gov said it is not mandatory (for now I guess as I don't trust them at all) so lets go with that, I have no problem with people taking the jab if that is what they want but I object to them calling everybody else that has done some research on these vaccines and is trying to bring the issues to the sheeple attention loonies and being persecuted by the media for it. We all have our rights to voice our opinions, or at least we did before covid.

  3. Great turn out. Good work guys. Don't feel like you are alone. Millions want it and millions don't. The MSM are just trying to save face for the govt. Heaps of us from the country are coming to the next ones. Sick of our voices being ignored or stomped all over by moral point scoring, city "do gooders". Who are ruining personal freedom and autonomy.

  4. The authorised sources don't recommend the vaccine for pregnant women, the studies on reproduction hasn't been done. Young people of reproductive age shouldn't be taking the vaccine, unless you are willing to take the risk of having children with developmental problems.

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