70 Days From Seed – Harvesting The Strawberry Cheese

DONT READ THIS…. OH WELL, since you are here, I hope your LIKED and SUBSCRIBED as this show is part my ACMPR Grow journal, Our Homestead and …


  1. Hey i been watching all your videos were you been a nice stuff u have their.I wish i was there with you.but the weather out here in san Antonio Texas is real bad .i went out oN town and my plants DESTROYED BECAUSE OF THE SNOW.☁☁☁??????????WHEN I RUSHED HOME AND SAW WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM ???????????????????I WAS SO MAD DO YALL KNOW HOW long i been waiting to smoke some real good stuff that i made my self now what can i do..can any body PLEASE HELP ME OUT SOMEBODY ANYBODY ILL SEND VIDEOS PIC OR GO LIVE.GO TO MY YOUTUBE.

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