37 Members Of Congress Ask Biden To Issue Mass Marijuana Pardons Ahead Of Legalization

37 Members Of Congress Ask Biden To Issue Mass Marijuana Pardons Ahead Of Legalization “Thirty-seven members of Congress sent a letter to President …


  1. do you think texas will ever pass a marijuana reform bill or some kind of pardon. i did 5 years for possession back in1990 in tdcj. i would really like to get this dark cloud gone thats been over my head . i was 23 when i got arrested

  2. I am trying to figure out what they are doing regarding concentrates and testing total thc content? As of now as a processor of you were to make a solvent less rosin and it test over .3%? Is it illegal to have if I am using it to make products that will eventually test below the .3 limit. And in your opinion how will they regulate the productions of concentrates If at all once they deschedule marijuana all together?

  3. Trump did. He released 9 non-violent offenders who were serving life sentences for pot.
    My friends uncle John Knock of Ohio was serving 2 life sentences plus 20 years for trafficking.

  4. Its hopeless for me unfortunately I was born in INDIANA yes I said Indiana
    Won't see it in my time here
    Smoking 45yrs never failed a udi that a plus
    What are the chances Indiana to go all the way

  5. In 2008 (the middle of the recession) I was sent to a medium security prison for 25 months in North Carolina. I was a small grower/producer, who did it to support my family, but I was charged with trafficking as a non-violent offender. Although I had never committed a felony and was a permanent resident, with a US citizen wife and children, who were born in the United States; I was deported after serving my sentence. We lost our house, our car, and all of our possessions, and we were forced to leave the country. The immigration judge told me that I was not allowed to ever re-enter the US and that if I returned and got caught, they would send me to a federal prison for 20 years.

    This is what The War on Drugs can do to a family. They simply fucked us up, and got away with it.

  6. I look forward to federal descheduling hopefully before I die. Been an advocate for more than 40 years. Still working for an international company that fires anyone testing positive for MJ medicine.

  7. I know it's illegal. But i grow it anyway. Just enough for my own personal use. I don't do it at home. Si not worried about snitches. Sorry narcs watching this.

  8. Keep'n It 100% … Most Whites smoke at home basements & attics or garages or out in the middle of nowhere and let loose with the music, drinks & herb…
    Most Black dudes smoke, standing i front off liquor stores or at stop lights, up and down streets and on front porches, drawing all kinds of attention smoking herbs…

  9. Okay I watch you guys and I like your podcast informative stays on point lot of information and interesting. But then when you start talking politics and bashing my president it offends me. So I unsubscribed and you come back up again in my phone and of course I watch Once Again interesting and on point. And I can agree politicians on both sides screwed us and somebody at the top made a lot of money by keeping it illegal. Yes I'm back subscribing.

  10. Just found your channel. Its been pretty good. Appreciate bringing all this information to us. Im from New Jersey and we are pretty pissed off here. Amazing how they dangle the carrot over our heads. Then asks ok do you really want it?

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