3 months on CBD for chronic pain and review on Cobyda & Boom Head Shop

CBD hemp flower is legal in all 50 states with a THC delta9 percentage of .3% or under stated in the 2018 Farm Bill !! IG @boomheadshop , @cobyda.cbd.


  1. Is it OK to mix cbd flower with Tylenol 3 and Valium
    I'm beginning my cbd journey tomorrow for chronic pain.
    I've been worried about the meds interacting.
    Tylenol 3 is the strongest med any dr will perscribe in my area and doesn't even put a dent in my pain.
    I'm hoping to test a few strains tomorrow of cbd. Also thinking about ordering a lot of other strains.
    I use my hands a lot, I build magic for a huge magic company and run my own business as well where using my hands is extremely crucial and sleight of hand is extremely important for me to push through.

  2. Hey Esauce, I just discovered cbd for the first time last month. Then I came across your channel. You seem like a very cool person. Hopefully we can become friends one day. I suffer with sickel cell crisis, anxiety, depression and add. Cbd has really helped me with my pain and anxiety. I love your story and you inspire me, one day I wish to start posting on my channel more especially about how cbd has helped me. I hope your flare up gets better.

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