10X MULTIBAGGER PENNY STOCK HUGE OPPORTUNITIES BEV BVNNF Stock News & Stock Predictions BUY NOW! This penny stock has the potential to …


  1. Let me know what you think of BevCanna Enterprise (BVNNF or BEV or 7BC) stock. Let me know if you already have position in BevCanna and if you don't, do you plan to have a position? Love to hear from you. Best of luck!

  2. That fantastic video
    I will have some positions on Tuesday as plan
    Thank you for sharing this opportunity hopefully everyone will make a lot of Mulla as you always wish
    Please share more cannabis stock in future if you get more chance

  3. QF excellent pick , get in this ride before the takes off , ride the wave , expect a pull back as soon goes higher than $1.50 – $2 , sell high , buy again in the dip . long term hold for me , will add to my CBD / Cannabis portfolio

  4. Thanks for telling us about this before you bought 👍👍 I had to pay $1.35 for TSNP… which will be irrelevant in months to come, I would’ve just acquired more 😂😂 I will be investing in this one! It’s in the beginning of something HUGE. This is exactly why I follow you. You are making my job easier as an investor, since I work 60-70 hours at my day job… Thank You Thank You Thank You 🙏👍🇺🇸

  5. Hey can u check out $ALB? I like the set up on the chart on the 6 month 1 day chart with the MACD going upwards and other factors (such as breaking the resistance moving average I set) meaning it might be good for a swing trade, but fundamentally I don't like that they are giving out dividends while their free cash flow is negative. They are in the mining sector with a focus on LITHIUM, bromine, and producing catalysts, which makes them key for EVs and 5g in the future. I am trying to learn how to do a better mix of fundamental and technical analysis like u do and am learning by the day, keep up the informative videos!

  6. Hello. I loved this so much. I've been trying to search for a instructional vid that educates everything in this YouTube video. That tip at 1:11 is super helpful. Your tip actually is similar to the videos from this awesome health enthusiast Dr. Ethan! Dr Ethan's demonstrations are informative and he actually helped me a lot on my diet. He is the most knowledgable medical student in Europe and he teaches vaccines.

    Go see his page out and give the medical student a subscribe! 👉 #DoctorEthanYouTube

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