10 Reasons Sellers Get BANNED From Etsy – The Friday Bean Coffee Meet

Have you heard Etsy horror stories about shops being banned from Etsy? Join us as we share the top 10 reasons sellers lose their Etsy shops and how you can …


  1. You can sell Native American products if you are selling Vintage. Otherwise, you must have a production partner that is Native. The other day I kindly sent a message to a seller who listed their Philippine made jewelry as "Zuni". I didn't want to see another seller get shut down so I warned them that they needed to rewrite their listings. Obviously they knew their products are banned in the USA but Etsy still hasn't caught on. It's just unfair to those of us who follow the rules…

  2. The “don’t direct off of Etsy” is so frustrating. I’m a struggling Etsy seller that use drank religiously and one of the competitors I follow that is very high globally and Etsy serves them up actively have in their listings and in their shop announcement to go to their website for better pricing and shipping. This gets very discouraging. All the how tos only apply unless Etsy is making money off of you I guess. ?

  3. My cousins' daughter had official
    documentation that she is Cherokee but I don't know if that is what is needed to sell as American Indian Made. Sitting Bull's grandson lived down the street from me, (one of them) and she had the child with his son. tmi lol

  4. I wish I was on your live today – I worked with Etsy and Amazon about what I could and could not say as far as crystals and gemstones go. I worked it out with them, they called me on the phone and then I asked them to email me a copy of the conversation in case I ever needed proof.

  5. Etsy have not protected sellers throughout this entire pandemic. All across Etsy are 1,2,3 star reviews because of postage delays. Sellers that do everything right and have a 5 star history are suddenly getting a 2 star due to the postal system and covid mail delays. Etsy won't help or get involved.
    Also a new trend is starting with unscrupulous buyers saying they didn't receive an item when they did. Even when the sellers proves that the item was shipped. Once again Etsy won't get involved. They issue a refund straight away to the buyer but never rush in to help the seller. It has become increasingly hard to contact Etsy support and when contact is available, it's by email only. A few days later a generic email response arrives from Etsy which is of no help whatsoever.
    Pity Etsy didn't help sellers with the same rapid pace as they collect their fees.

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