10 Budtenders Predict the Future of Cannabis | Ask a Budtender

2018 has been a great year for cannabis, partly because a number of states and all of Canada legalized the consumption of weed for adult use. Now, patients …


  1. I moved from Oregon where it was legal to Utah where it's highly illegal, and haven't been able to have any for my anxiety and sleeping problems, I was forced to try toxic pharmaceutical drugs to help me relax but they haven't helped at all and I'm considering moving back to her again just so I can smoke weed and not feel crazy anymore it's the only thing that relaxes me since I refuse to drink

  2. Candesant is under major law suit, their COA is serious fraud and threat to America medical scene and I'm being nice. No doubt florida needs more legal rec scene but big pharma in bed with the government & face it most of Florida is over 65, their to die so as long as nature remains illegal than we will never be trully free. Ask a Canadian this, when government gets involved in cannabis it's all down hill from their. Grow your own if you can I say and stay away from this insane scene being created by this in between legal & prohibition, it's crazy, thugs on streets to get meds, contaminated, dirty dispensaries, it's gotta end but how by paying a annual fee to states for a card then their taxes, regulations etc. SCARY FOLKS…

  3. Federally legalized and legal age set at 16 as well as alcohol age dropped to 18. Common and accepted to smoke in school and work to enhance performance. Pharmaceutical companies go deep into losses, amsterdam coffeeshop style smoke lounges or bars open, cannabis becomes as common to home grow as tomatoes and peppers, global legalization, massive drop in prices, rapid increase in life expectancy, major drop in healthcare costs, ushering in of a new era in human history after the information age or technological revolution, end to traditional medicine and the medieval thought process, jump in quality of life and overall happiness, greater overall health, less political tension internationally. Decrease in crime rate. The positive effects will ripple through like a tidal wave. A complete revolution in human perspective and attitudes towards pretty much everything. The next step in human evolution where we take advantage of everything nature gave to us instead of barricading ourselves from it with laws and concrete.

  4. It Will become federally legal just like women voting once it spreads to big states other then Washington and cali and once some states see how much money they make off of taxes (significantly higher then Alchohol in washginton) it will become legal

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