Introduction 00:00 Mistake #1 Planting a tree without trying the fruit 00:30 Mistake #2 Planting at the wrong time of year 00:49 Mistake #3 Planting the wrong …


  1. Are there any good complimentary plants to grow around the base? I was thinking of planting a couple watwrmelons near the base so the vines can meander around the basin of my new lime to cool the ground and retain moisture and utilize space better.

  2. Thanks for the video! I've been taste-testing my Valencia oranges for the past few weeks. Usually, I have harvested the tree by now but they are still "no go" (almost but not quite). I've held off my Valentine's Day feeding bc of this. Should I go ahead and fertilize now?

  3. I recently found your channel and love all your videos, however…. your Audio needs to be fixed! Maybe a better microphone? But it’s hard to hear you in all your videos, so I have to turn the sound way up, and then the ads/commercials blast my ears when they come on! This has caused me to not finish quite a few of your videos. ?

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