1 Year WITHOUT Marijuana After 7 years of SMOKING: What's CHANGED? (A LOT)

What does quitting a daily marijuana habit feels like? Overcoming weed addiction can be a lot harder than you may think, especially after long term use.


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  2. I’m 41. Smoked everyday since 17 years old . I quit! No problem… Taking a year off and then we’ll see if I want to go back? First 2 weeks were shit but I’m feeling good! Money situation is on point ! I just got sick of it! Everybody is different!

  3. 1 month clean on probation. Feels good having to take break. My memory is better. Dont have to worry about piss tests for jobs. I will definitely start again in 11 months, but I'm fine with this right now. Anxiety down too.

  4. I've stopped since Feb, its really no difference. Not to sound corny but life makes me high lol its literally a mental thing, the way I stopped is just by stopping. Don't say it just do it. I've defeated the bad part of me and I feel good about it. You can do it to!

  5. I smoked weed for 10 years on and off from age 15-25. I am now 26 and have been off it for about 9 months with no cravings or desire to smoke it ever again. My girlfriend smokes weed and I tried getting her off it completely but she too young and dumb to comprehend anything I say. Who knows I might just leave the bitch cause she motivated to do anything.

  6. 3.5 months clean from smoking an 8th a day for 12 years straight. I thought I had overcome the cravings, but lately I have started developing cravings again for some reason…..I hope I don't cave !!

  7. 9+months sober it's great it's all in your mind you can feel the same without weed trust me. God bless y'll reality won't change by inhaling weed lol think about it. Christ is God.

  8. I'm a month and a week of quitting weed I been smoking for 12 years daily n wanted to quit for many years after many failed attempts I finally did it and never been happier much respect dude

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