1. So your feeding every time you water and your in coco so you need to feed every day then right? Wont that build up alot of excess salts in the coco? When I feed at 700ppm if I dont do feed feed water and only feed the runoff goes to 2000ppm in a couple weeks how do you do this?

  2. Hey great video, it's perfect for me. I just finished my first auto flower grow and it was ok other then over watering a bunch of time. I just planted my photoperiod clones 3 days ago and there not doing the best I think I over watered again. But hopefully they pull threw

  3. WOOOW. There you are! I could've swore I was subscribed, but I guess not. I remember watching your DIY press video, etc. Nice setup. Also, I appreciate that you don't do cut scenes and it's all uncut. Thanks. Peace

  4. ive started adding clover cover crops on my 3 gallon pots..but ive noticed something recently and thats 3 weeks veg time under 18 hours is pointless when i get the same results from growing 12/12 from seed into flower..im pulling 35 grams with no veg (12/12) and around 42 grams with 3 week veg..i think once your room goes above a certain amount growing it needs more co2..but im happy saving 3 weeks for the sake of a quarter ounce.

  5. ive got so many great seeds i want to sow them all..zkiitlez gelato hifi4g bad ass kush stardawg lemon cake heavyweight ko kush and white widow x big bud…i love your updates and inspiration to others..

  6. As always, nice growroom. Love ya lights.
    Jacks 321 is amazing. Surprising how growers are unaware of Jacks. No muss, no fuss n cheap.
    Always excellent results from clone to harvest. Hell, I just bought the 25 pounders to start the New Year.
    Thanks for your vids. Keep em coming.

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