Writing Word Counts vs Writing Productivity + BIG Announcement for Helping YOU Reach Your Goals!

How do you track your productivity while writing? A lot of people track their word count, which I also use while first drafting. However, as you get deeper into the …


  1. OMG YES! I had so much of this trouble with editing – one time I wrote/rewrote/deleted/reworked the beginning of a scene for a few hours – I only added (and then removed) about 500 words but it was veryyyy productive and word count really doesn't capture that progress. A goal of "fix opening" would've been great to check off the list, though.

    Was just on your first livestream (as you know) and it was WONDERFUL! I was super productive! I'm finding I *need* livestreams to motivate me if I want to get things done at night and am planning to focus even more on attending livestreams – as an experiment to see if it ups my productivity! Super excited for the next one too!

  2. Sounds super fun!! I think it's a fantastic idea be sure you're totally right about how word count doesn't work for revisions. I'll probably be able to do weekends only if your weekday time is at 530 EST (dinner with family… Ya know, gotta feed the people), but I'd love to be in your first one so I may let them starve for a while. I PERSONALLY am totally open on Sundays and mid-morning works well for me too. Can't wait to participate!
    PS. Am I the only one who chuckled when you said "1000 words worth"? Anyone? Wordsworth? No? Ok… 🤣

  3. Awesome! I'd love to be there for the first one, but I think I will be asleep (one of many disadvantages of being UK) but for the weekend one I'll be awake! 😀 Sounds like a great idea. I love the focus on productivity and not on numbers.

  4. Your livestreams are coming at the perfect time! I'm just about to roll my sleeves up and start editing my first draft. Can't wait to join in!
    Also, I love your new duo-tone background! It's super cute!

  5. I don’t use word count for revising either. I just mark off each chapter as it’s revised. Some chapters have more edits and some have fewer, but that’s the way that works best for me. Looking forward to your streams, this is exactly what I need to boost my productivity!

  6. Girl I feel you 😩 word count is great for 1st drafts, but past that it makes little since. After the 1st draft I work off a to do list. Oh live streams! That hasn't worked out for me, but I look forward to see what you do and how it successful it is for you 😍. Our schedules are usually pretty crazy lol. Usually afternoons or evenings work out better than mornings bc of home school x). Good luck!

  7. This is such perfect timing for me! I'm so excited to join your streams 🙂 editing is so daunting, but I'm also looking forward to just getting to work at my own pace and let slowness and consideration back into my writing process ✨

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