1. Once you have that “click” in your brain, quitting weed will be easier. Its all about willpower! Of course the withdrawals are hell. (Lots of anger). My autism and adhd and all the shit that I am going trough right now doesn’t make it easier. I lost 3 people the past month, but I know I just HAVE to quit! So I will. I will never touch the stuff again. Its made my life hell.

  2. 4 days clean. Never slept the first night, but now I’m starting to sleep in little cluster during night but feel so much fresher, brains a lot faster, I can think a lot more clearer etc. I trained my brains for years not to listen to my decision because each time I quit I quit half hearted. I was worried about it. So each time I said I’m going to quit my brain said “yeh mate stop lying” lol. This ended up carrying through my life, as a stoner i said a lot and done nothing, wasn’t a person of my word. F that. This life has a lot more to offer than weed. Good luck and believe u will do it. Good luck to me too. Will be back lol. He has a video out called 60 reason of quitting weed. Great help. I watch it each time I feel like it. I know if I win this battle I’ll be able win anything in my life.

  3. I quit like 2 months ago cold turkey and haven’t smoked since it really isn’t hard the only thing that’s hard is getting to the sleep for like the first 2 weeks without that bedtime blunt but after those 2 weeks pass you’re in the clear and realize you never needed it at least that’s what happened for me you just really want to stop if you’re still smoking and you “want” to quit you don’t really want to quit you would have stopped 🤷‍♂️ had to edit this to say I was smoking since 13 and i was 23 when I quit now 24 lol so I was smoking for 10 years at least 5-10 blunts a day so don’t reply to this with your bullshit excuses about how much weed you smoke and why you can’t quit 😂

  4. 25 year smoker here, trying to quit. Its been hell, cold turkey puts you into shock. Look up Marijuana Withdraw Syndrome. I have to ween down because the withdraws are intense. Not addictive my ass… it is!

  5. Tried to quit 3 times. First time I lasted about a year. Second I succumbed after 5 months. On my third run rn with 2 months in so far. I've tried to replace it with all the healthier things you can name of but I'm still hella suffering without it. I hardly used it recreationally and when I did use it it was super super minimal. I could easily make a gram last weeks and often did so. My main purpose with it was not to get high but for its medicinal benefits. I believe that quitting is what's best for me in the end but that's not what I'm seeing with the results of my efforts so I'm losing my mind here!!!

  6. So glad I found this video I have a serious psychological addiction to weed I have left it. Long time to look for a way to break this habit its been almost 30 if smoking weed and I feel awful I will msg in 6 months and I'll see if I managed to do something about it I hope. Do

  7. I’m almost 2 month clean on 4th August. The first week was hardest I thought it would get easier but the last few days all I’ve been thinking about is weed. I don’t don’t know if it because it summer time in the uk or the boredom but I have not given into these urges because I would be so annoyed with myself I guess I’m going to have days like this every now and then. I can’t go back there nor can I afford to continue to waste money… my next target is 2 months one day at a time I say..

  8. You're so good at this and make all this video's which is really logical especially that I'm dealing with my addiction with weed but i don't know if this any of this would make any sense on what I'm about to say.Weed is not the real problem if you think about it.most of the people they just add another addiction which is make it hard for some people but what if they will think also about their lives and look where is the real problem and that is life it self and all the bad decision we make so my overall opinion about it is start slow and think what you can do to change your life and not just about quitting smoking weed and I'm talking about all those bad habits. I would really like if i would seat and talk with you more about stuff about life and what's make it so beautiful which we all forget about it because we are so focused on the bad habits. I want to learn more from you because you have a good influence and knowledge.

  9. Good video man, appreciate the information. Definitely makes it more achievable when it's understood how chemicals react in the body. Even tho I have been through this before its like jumping in the unknown

  10. 12 hours since my last smoke, 30 mins ill be relieved from work and im sorta having an anxiety attack because normally i smoke right after work but i told myself this is it, its time for a change, lets see how this works out

  11. These videos have been a great help to me man. Tried to quit around this time last year too but i i feel more ready for it now. Just over the 5 day mark. Ive been meditating nearly every day and done a bit of yoga and exercise every other day. Been looking for a new job so thats given me a little extra mental engagement as well as reading. Thanks for the vids 😃

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