Why Psychedelic Stocks are NOT Cannabis 2.0 (Huge MindMed Stock Opportunity)

In today’s episode, we will be discussing why Psychedelic Stocks, like MindMed (MMED / MMEDF) and Compass Pathways (CMPS) are not Cannabis 2.0, and …


  1. Check out Revive Therapeutics (RVVTF and RVV): It's small-cap and well managed. Promising phase 3 COVID therapy trial results expected within 45 days. Psychedelic drug delivery development and meth addiction treatments in partnership with U of Wisconsin.

  2. Can you do a video how your Psychadelic portfolio is weighted? So we know what your ranking is in terms of potential? And how much you would pay per share for ATAI regarding their market cap valuation.

  3. Great video James ! I personally dont understand the huge gap in the stock price between MMED and CMPS.

    Mmed has almost triple the amount of ongoing trials. Has been backed by many big investors and ,most recently, CIBC invested in them as well. Would you share your thoughts on why is there this huge price diff ?

    Thank you

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