Why marijuana plants get purple/red stems

I found this a good book to learn solve grow problems: When i give my marijuana plants to much nutrients they almost always get purple …


  1. Maaaaan I hope you have sorted your growing skills. That is one sad looking garden. Blasting that small plant with the fan aswell :(. I know this is 3 years old vid but anyone coming to see this should know that this is not how to grow weed.

  2. this is Common in over watered flowing plants it's just diverting energy into the flower rather than a leaf…nothing to worry about just don't water as much and stop pruning the plants.. it will recover without dry tips

  3. With quality soil medium ya shouldn't need to add nutrients at all during veg ! After around 6 to 8 weeks the nutrients already in the soil will be used up and then ya can add nutrients but only a tiny amount ( an ec of 1 if using a truncheon ) when ya plant is in flower and ya bud sights are showing ya can tweek ya nutrients a little more ( ec 1.6 ) and when buds in bloom tweek little more ( 2.1 ) … with soil I tend to feed once every 3 til bloom and alternate in bloom. ☆Water only when ya can pick ya pot up with finger and thumb without tilting ☆

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