Why Is Diversity SO Important In Your Portfolio? (3 Strategies To Win)

In this video, I talk all about diversity in your portfolio and what my favorite sectors are. Drop some comments below to enter our give away and smash the like …


  1. DUY THE DIP!! Brookfield renewable, Wheaton Precious, Barrick and Alimentation Couche Tard!!! Watch out for Couche Tard- they nibbling away at the mj sector with fire and flower and also adding EV charging stations to their thousands and thousands of stores and they are moving into ASIA.

  2. I'm loving the volatility with the small caps, my strategy is maintaining position sizes. If one drops below a set percentage of my portfolio I buy more with my weekly contribution of sell one that becomes overweighted. It really helps with dealing with the irrational moves of these smaller companies.

  3. I dig your style, sir…MMEDF reminds me of the the days pulling aurora and other canadian canna LP's from OTC early and riding for real…..lol – keep it up….I dig what you are up to….

  4. Love the content. If you are looking to diversify in commodities, take a look at scandium. It is a metal that has so many applications for technologies in the future. SCY Scandium International is my play in this industry. Canadian too!

  5. Does anyone have any "hard" information on the launch of the PSYK ETF? Besides the Benzinga article I haven't been able to find any statements from the issuer (horizons ETF) or on sedar whether it will actually launch tomorrow. Seems to have gone completely under the radar. Any input is appreciated!

  6. Good thoughts here Aaron my man! I learned to diversify because of your channel. I used to be all in with the gold and silver! Really made good in the last year but the bad times were rough. Now I am a bit more mixed up, got some uranium plays which have done really well recently and of all things finished my Psychedelic sector positioning today. Got a few growth stocks as well. Looking at other commodities since I believe they will be roaring this decade. Keep the faith brother!

    Oh and Mind Med merch me!

  7. I have a question about mindmed. Let's say that they do prove that LSD microdosing is effective (which it probably is) and they get out of clinical trials. What intellectual property will they own to make money off? Because I dodn't think they can own a patent for LSD,DMT,ibogane etc. How do they plan on monetizing their research findings?

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