Why Do Marijuana Legalization Fights Fail? Hint: The People In The Shadows – The Ring Of Fire

The National Cannabis Industry Association historically has been effective in promoting the common sense notion of legalizing cannabis for medical treatment.


  1. You want medical marijuana to succeed and become a reality? Then remove all the 'legalize everything' from that picture. Its the morons who want to legalize everything that's clouding the medical marijuana picture with their nonsense message.

  2. I live in Ohio and I'm happy that the amendment failed. If it passed it would of created a monopoly, and only a few people would of been able to sell cannabis. It would of been illegal for anyone else who wanted to sell, unless you were one of those few people. Consumers of cannabis would of continued to buy from the unregulated black market
    People in Ohio wanted cannibals freedom. Not over priced trash from monopolys.

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