Why are some Canadian cannabis companies struggling?

The first year or so of legal cannabis in Canada has been a bumpy ride. There is a growing legal industry where there wasn’t one before, but there have also …


  1. Only organic weed is safe to consume , black market is full of fertilizers , antifungalcides , pesticides , insecticides and herbicides as is a lot of dispensory weed , ill effects are , headaches , head presure , dizzy , twitching , edgy , mussle weakness , itchy skin and nausea , heart pallaptations, chest pain and anxiety from ill effects , some say oh come on now it is tested and approved , just like our food and drink ,stay away from the cheap weed it is the worst , i quit 15 days ago after such ill effects , all ill effects are gone but my money now grows , good luck all.

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  5. So lemme get sum straight da only way I can g a legal grow license in Canada is if I win the lottery. how are we supposed to build our economy back up if we keep oppressing it 🙄

  6. black market is safe if you know where to buy from. the goverment weed is not safe do you trust them on how they are manipulating the seeds. remember this is big pharma backed. we should have and open market in canada we do not.

  7. As a person who has been using cannabis for a number of years I have had more issues with the government cannabis then anything i have bought from the free market and from what I have found looking into the people that are on the boards of these companies who are able to get licenses are also on boards of pharmaceutical companies also. I believe in a free and open market that would create more mom and pop businesses and in-turn more jobs and better social programs but i think that is why the industry is only open to the pharmaceutical companies so that we only rely on them because they think we are all stupid and need to be told how to live.

  8. bruh i love the weed store my town has, and i didnt start smoking weed until after weed was made legal in Canada, god i couldnt imagine the struggle people dealt with before it was legal

  9. Over priced, dried out. Shops look crooked open the windows. Huge packaging. It should be the same as alcohol. Open stores with beer and cannabis. They want you to feel like you're evil. Deregulate the industry alot.

  10. The guy said that the black market might not be safe….I hope he knows people grow there own cannabis 😂😂 plus 4 plants is a joke when they sell you regular seeds they could all be males and you just wasted moths on growing and investing in your grow makes no sense over regulated

  11. Please the government need give more opportunities to opening more stores of cannabis in Ontario.. Because the black market will go up and they only used a bad cannabis mixed up with a Illegal substances that harm the body..
    Aurora cannabis is the best options for all of us..

  12. I have invested in a number of weed companies, and got out of all but two, Organigram and Village Farms. Organigram has been a shining example of integrity in the market, and always performed well, up until recently. When they pointed out the disparity between cannabis stores and liquor stores, the reason weed is failing became clear. Alcohol companies in Canada are powerful entities and have strangled the developing industry, just like big pharma here in the United States. Probably, were they able to enact policies to effectively launch the weed industry, it would take off like a rocket. But I would be willing to venture a guess that some guy in a suit whispers in the ears of the law makers, asking them how much they love their wives, children, and grandchildren. It would be kinda hard to promote an industry against those types of influences. People should just be given free reins to grow it at home, and be done with it.

  13. Your numbers are all wrong $5 a gram on the black market and 10 legal? Not every buys a lb of weed at a time in order to get $5 a gram from buddy . And $10 bucks a gram legal is a farce ,damn near $20 bucks a gram for legal weed of the "good" stuff . More like $30 bucks an eight and 50-60 for a quarter and $200 an oz .
    If your going to do a story on weed at least get your story straight . That's what's wrong with the weed business these days , buncha suits tryna get rich on something they don't know jack about

  14. who cares that their share value are collapsing . if you don't make a good product then you go bankrupt. and don't cry for them Argentina .theirs always someone else to come along and try their good luck at it . company's are not above us . we all fail at times . we have the power not the suits . over and out.

  15. i don't see your news station going out and asking the people coming out of the stores what the problem with the roll out of leagal cannabis has been . boy would we tell you . wait till you see the roll out of 2.0 .it will be even worse then anything that we seen on oct 2018. this is a train about to crash .

  16. the main problem is the government doesn't listen to the people .if they asked us the buyer of the product and not try to charge 35% to 60% more for it.they say it cost more so it can be safer . i say that's horse poop i've smoked for 35 years and not once have i got moldy bud . why? it's the all powerful greed. no teast no smell no moister.yep they will buy it. they think were all just sheep . it's like they want it to fail .

  17. Black Market is destroying legal weed. The biggest reason I can think of is in the weed stores you can't get "good" weed unless you wanna pay 100 bucks for a quarter. Goto the black market and pay 50 bucks or less for weed that's as good if not better than what the government grows(black market didn't have to drop prices either, nothing changed there as its the same price it was 10 years ago). The government should have known they would have to compete, its business. Honestly, it's easier and more private to go to your "guy" as opposed to walking into a shop with camera's where its no secret to why you're there.
    If the government doesn't smarten up they are going to lose this competition. They can't win by policing the black market, they couldn't win that fight before legalization and I don't see that changing.

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