Missed you guys!!! (well the ones who don’t watch me eat haha 🤪🤣) So I wanted to share some meals we have been loving!!! 2 from this week and two I filmed …


  1. When I heard “Catalina” it made me think of the Catalina Wine Mixer from the movie Stepbrothers 😂 Great video! I really liked the music you chose.

  2. TYSM for the shout out!! I do multiple frying pans just like you did! But yes, good call on building them on the sheet pan, otherwise there’s no way you wouldn’t have ended up with burnt bottoms lol. And great tip for adding cheese and herbs right on the sauce! Also that pepperoni curl!!! That is #pizzagoals !

  3. I love ultra thin crust pizza! I have been using tortillas for my individual pizzas for so long :). I don’t precook the tortilla, just place it directly on my perforated pizza pan, build my pizza and put it in a 425° oven for about 12-15 min! Delicious!

  4. Everything looked great. I make flautas often, boil chicken breasts with sazon & adobo seasoning for the filling. Top them with sour cream, onions, lettuce and tomato. Oh yes, and salsa too.

  5. My favorite What's for Dinners!!!!! I always get so excited when I see that you have uploaded a video. You always make me smile and I definitely needed that today. I'm struggling 😢 my Pawpaw (my best friend) is in the hospital with heart failure and I am not ok! 💔

  6. Thank you for the inspiration! I bought some Pita bread to make lazy (I say lazy because copycat recipes make them from scratch) homemade taco bell Gordita and Chalupa taco thingies. But I think it might also turn out well using those instead of tortillas for those personal pizzas 🤗😱

  7. I always enjoy your what's for dinner video's. Did you use flour or corn tortillas for the taquitos? Also, I buy the squeeze bottle pizza sauce here in MB. We love it too!

  8. Yesss to Everything!😋😋 I'm gonna try the One Pot Pizza 🍕 Rigatoni! You are the Bomb 🌟 in the kitchen Girrl 😘 😘 You keeps it Real and you show the mess ups and All!! Love ya babes,see you in the next one!💞💞

  9. Girl 🙌🏿 Girl 🙌🏿 love it. Everything looks amazing. I love making tortilla wrap pizzas but you took it to the next level. Although i have to say i am not a fan of pineapple in savoury dishes but each to their own 🤷🏿‍♀️😅🙌🏿🤗🥰

  10. We have something called pizzakrydda( pizzaspice) in Sweden that we have on pizzas, spagetti sause and other Italien or mediteranian foods. Guess its like your italian seasoning?:);)

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