What You Should Know Before Taking Kratom

Should this supplement be regulated? Or taken off the market? The Doctors discuss what you should know before taking Kratom. Subscribe to The Doctors: …


  1. i tried it it did nothing for my pain. How wish that was not the case . As for marijuana all it did is make me so paranoid i almost strangled a dear friend. Something kept whispering to me they were a meat suit for a demon. Only thing that helps is oxy and gaba.when it is a drug it is regulated and lots of luck getting what you need

  2. 5 years ago I was in jail for problems related to my alcohol and drug addiction. Today I have been clean from alcohol and heroin and the business I started last year is going great. Kratom has played a huge role on helping make lifestyle changes and lead a sane, healthy , and productive life. The interest big Pharma has in shutting down kratom is self evident and has been pointed out in these comments. The reason the "Intervention" guy is on the panel is because the addictions treatment industry stands to have their ineffective treatment models challenged. 12 step and complete abstinence work for some people and should be a choice. But if saving lives and helping addicts is REALLY the most important part of treating addictions then the opposition to alternative treatment models is at best misguided and at worst absolutely criminal . It makes me sick watching the hypocrisy of established institutions put their machine into action whenever their knowledge, money, or power is at stake . When the message from individual addicts is "This works and it literally saved my life" , their answer is "WE DON'T CARE"

  3. I tried Kratom. I even went to a reputable place. The guys who I went to are highly informed about it. And really wanted people who came to their shop to be informed and safe when using their product. That being said, I couldn't get past the horrible taste. It does NOT mix well with liquids. (I didn't try hot liquids). And I ended up being left with horrible stomach cramping and severe nausea. Then, when I was honest to my doctor about taking it. He didn't get super shitty with me. He just made me realize just how dangerous it really can be to put something in my body that is not regulated whatsoever. He had never heard of it before I told him about it. I will say one thing, I think it's 100% preposterous to put it into the same category as other drugs like heroin. I did not feel any euphoria from Kratom at all. I wouldn't even compare it's side effects to the weakest form of codeine. I can't deny that Kratom has helped others. I just feel that more research should be done on it. In the long run, further research can prove what it is….and is not.

  4. 30 grams that's about an ounce, I didn't know you could be THAT american lol
    And I've never heard any seller here in europe make any claims, it's the people that use kratom that make such claims, because they know..

  5. These assholes don’t use it or know what their talking about. Those three fucks keep talking over the women that knows what she’s talking about. The studies are it’s been used in Asia for thousands of years. Talk to people who use not three fucks that haven’t .

  6. These are glorified thugs working for big pharma. Anything that actually helps people they bash! They can't stand cheap natural alternatives. I wanted to jump through my screen and punch these three stooges in the face. They are so arrogant. Did you see their smug smirks as they bull dosed right over her? SMFH!!!

  7. Both sides have valid arguments. Yes it's true there is not enough information for any respectable physician to tell you kratom is completely safe and will not harm you. Then the opposition has a completely valid and understandable argument that it can give you that winning edge to stop sticking needles in your arm. I used kratom to do just that as opposed to $uboxone. Kratom is an accessible cheap and effective plant to get you off harder plants. But it's causing waves in the pharmaceutical racketeering machine..

  8. THESE ARE WHAT YOU CALL CORRUPT FEDERAL WORKERS!!! 14 of the 15 people who so called “died” had at least 1 drug in their system BUT BECAUSE THOSE CORRUPT 3 HAVE AN AGENDA THEY PLAY IT OFF AS IF 15 PEOPLE DIED FROM CONSUMING A PLANT LEAF OF ALL THINGS! WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO WHEN PEOPLE WANT TO STOP YOU FROM CONSUMING A PLANT LEAF! Weed all over again! Btw just stop making claims on them and can’t say a fucking word these Corrupt Bastards!

  9. This bearded guy is a complete clown. These creeps just want the FDA/ DEA to require that citizens be required to make office visits to obtain them. They want the exclusive rights to push this stuff.

  10. They keep saying “we don’t know” but it’s like that’s what you’re guys job is, to find out information about how it effects people. Your job is not to weigh in on whether or not you think it should be regulated. As a daily kratom user for around 3-4 years, on and off for around usage for around 6, there’s a lot of things I could say that have probably already been said, but I’ve never had a problem with it and haven’t had an papahaver based opioid of derivative in the time I’ve taken kratom daily, so it does it’s job. There’s also pretty mild withdrawal symptoms and even after a really long time without taking it I never start like jittering. But to address the labeled dosages, like someone said that’s not how alcohol is. But also, let’s say you hypothetically take too much kratom, you’ll just puke it up. Now, I’ll say that I my early days I accidentally eyeballed a dose wayyyy wrong and it was probably close to maybe even a whole ounce. Some how I was also able to keep it down on the initial come up phase but while sleeping, I was in and out of sleep the whole night as one experiences on a hard opioid, sleep twilight I like to call it hahaha. Anyways, I woke up and continued to puke throughout the morning, I even went to the bathroom to puke during my first period, this was back in high school. But, as you can see, I’m still alive, and I was nowhere close to dying, all that happened was I puked a ton, but I took a ridiculous amount so it’s to be expected. If I took a dose of alcohol at that same relative scale then I would be dead. Kratom is the way to go!

  11. More vendors need to self regulate and offer directions for use on their kratom. Most kratom vendors and shops have no knowledge of what is legal because the FDA has made it very confusing. However, including directions for use limits your liability. If you think you can sell someone kratom without directions for use, and you aren't liable when they consume it, you are sadly mistaken. Everyone knows the kratom you sell is being consumed. If someone were to take a whole bag of kratom because you failed to have directions for use, you are liable as a vendor. If you include directions for use and customers ignore that, only then are you absolved of liability. I recently met a shop that told me with confidence selling kratom for consumption is illegal. I schooled his ass real quick. Too many vendors and business exercises a false confidence when discussing kratom. They don't know what they're talking about.

  12. All these stupid people talking about how BAD it is to be addicted to something, that you feel is helping you.
    But everyone talking is addicted to money. And probobly would kill before they get broke. People die everyday for money

  13. Ive seen 2 people in my life addicted to opioids. One of them my mother, when she started to withdrawal she turned to the next cheapest thing she could get her hands on HEROIN. The other person started to withdrawal off pain pills and looked for something to help wean him off, KRATOM. Hes now clean and sober and my mother is almost 50 still running the streets chasing her high and missing out on her grandchildren growing up. Kratom saves lives. Ide rather people "wing it" with kratom then stuck on heroin ruining their life and killing themselves. Stay woke my people 💖

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