What Will Happen To Aurora on legalization Date (October 17)Marijuana Stocks live Interview IGC TGOD

What Will Happen To Aurora and Marijuana Stocks on legalization Date ? TGOD And IGC Interview On this video investing hustler will be doing an interview with …


  1. You bring alot of personality to your videos. Not sure about the other guy. If your going to collaborate, try to do it with someone with more energy. Good content none the less.

  2. Great video my man. Do you think it is a good time to pick up some more aurora options/shares?
    If not, what do you recommend if I have some extra money on the side to spend?

  3. Awww too bad I missed the live ill just watch the replay of quality information. By the way I think the entrepreneur house is a great idea..keep dreaming in color you'll go far

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