1. I always look at the older vids for advice only yours really anywhooo I’m days away from flipping to flower and boom leave curl , my question to you would be , 1. Par meter should I invest in one and 2. What is the recommended PAR levels ? Sadly I have 5 decent size ladies each are different so I already know the 2 don’t like something while the others do ! Any suggestions ?

  2. Thank you for your time. My seedlings must have been too close to the light because I'm having stunted growth and leaves twisting a little bit. This solidified my conclusion. I'm using cfl and led but apparently my lux meter only registers 60% of the led. It was saying 7000 lux but I think I was getting like 12000. First autoflower grow and I just lost about 7 days of growth. Oh well…. I learned my lesson

  3. im growing outdoors and i started these in 5to8 gallon buckets never did any transplanting because i figured the buckets were big enough im in week 8 of veg and my leaves only fold like this around after 5:00pm every day should i give then epson salt? or do you think they could actually be root bound??? im growing in potting soil SHULTZ premium potting soil plus. im hoping that they will grow out of this like the video says but im just very worried about my plant can you please shine some light on us lol

  4. I am having some curl at the site of first fim, the two fan leaves at the node closest to the fim site the two leaves have curled and they are the only two like that, can stress also cause the curling? Shes very healthy im sure shell recover i would really like to gather some info, thank you

  5. I looked in my tent today and a leaf a little bigger than my hand had flipped almost completely upside down. Definitely an unnerving sight but makes perfect sense considering she is a few weeks past a timely transplant. She is in a bigger pot now and I suspect will be much happier in a few days.

  6. This is happening to my plant in a aerio flow system with constant water , its pretty new clones tho , moved the light way up and even started flushing with no nutes , still it does it…

  7. Thank you so much you saved my ass! I have seven plants and I'm a first-time grower and three of my plans are starting to do this and I had a feeling it was because I left them in small pots for too long and didn't transplant them soon enough. New sub here👍

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