What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapeutic approach that addresses dysfunctional emotions, maladaptive behaviors, and cognitive processes …


  1. I find positivity disgusting like I once had a gag reflex because I was so disgusted while watching some of the “positive youtube videos”. I am not sure if CBT would help me if I had a psychiatric disorder

  2. Also I wanted to ask on how I can ask my therapist to get prescribed medication I want to ask so that I can better cope with my mental help along with skill but I’m scared to ask and I’m scared to bring it up to my parents?

  3. 2 minutes in and Not a Basic Definition of CBT. Define it Specifically in 1 sentence, before describing it. That is the Title of your video.

  4. Kati – Thank you for this explanation and instruction on CBT. Something tells me your patients are fortunate to have you. Authentic and engaging … you have a gift.

  5. Non capisco Psicologica terapia cognizione. Spesso. Spero mio problema sarà presto essere curato. Mai risolto l'argomento. Bisogna aiutarmi. Cosa ne cognata?……Mmmaaahhh. Ci sentiamo dopo. Lo faresti. Non ce le faccio. Fa non ne niente perché. Antonio Ifach Gescom Futura Tiani.

  6. I think cbt and taking note of passive thoughts is best in instances of distress and upset. So think of the last time you were really upset or stressed and try to remember what you were thinking, then if you have an unhealthy thinking style, you can tweak they style but not content of what you were thinking and when you think about upsetting things in a healthy way, it makes you feel better. So it’s about managing distress. Then the next step is behaviour modification, change what and how you talk to people can help us have less social anxiety. There is a lot more detail to this therapy, I recommend getting a book on it, because this video was too brief. I use cbt for myself and I read 2 books on it and ita right on point and has helped me tremendously, but I just apply it myself. It’s like being “super-sensible” .

  7. Kati you are amazing <3 LOVE these videos, so informative. I am a trainee cbt therapist myself in the NHS and am hoping to combine cbt and other therapies with Yoga on my channel Yoga with Alice xooxoxo I am posting A VIDEO A DAY of yoga flows – I would LOVE to hear your feedback and comments xxxxx

  8. my dad is suffering from depression 🥺 its very difficult to handle his misbehaving. He keeps thinking something wrong going in his body ,but in actual he fully fit. We have attended psychiatric she gave antidepresion med…..this all started due to corona virus…i hate this china if they have spread it purposely. I hope my dad get recovered….i love him and i cant see his trouble

  9. I can see how certain thought patters can be intrusive and self-destructive in nature and CBT can be effective in trying to get into the bottom of these thoughts and get an idea of how they originate, but it feels like a patch solution to issues that can be deep rooted and can only be explored in psychotherapy or psychodynamic type therapy with better chances of helping the client in the long run.

  10. Would you consider recording a mock CBT session to demonstrate how the practitioner unpacks the client’s core beliefs through a succession of question / techniques, and how those beliefs are challenged and subsequently altered? I’m very interested in becoming a CBT practitioner and I think this mock video would help myself and others understand the fundamental principles, or at least some of them that lead to reorganising one’s distorted thoughts and beliefs.

  11. Hi! What do you recommend to do to know what to know about psychology for beginners? Do you know of a roadmap? I wish I could learn better. Thanks for the nice video on CBT.

  12. I feel that ocd in adults are actually fears or abandon feelings or unfounded assumptions. If you talk to people all of there OCD thoughts come from not developing emotionally in order to conquer and be a developed adult tin order to rationalize if you ask anyone there OCD irrational scary thoughts they all reflect fears from childhood that as a adult you have not concord or you have repressed That’s why so many people use drugs so that they can suppress it

  13. I have a question could you point me to your videos that would help me with getting in my head about stuff. Because I struggle with being in a relationship with an amazing womanconstantly thinking I'm going to lose her or she's going to leave even though she reassures me everyday.

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