1. Sad thing is weed helps the quality of life when you stop that’s when the real health issues come hbp heart attacks more anxiety this plant is of god why would anyone want you to get away from god he said partake in the herb

  2. I belive in Christ, I don't believe in religion. I enjoy smoking weed especially at night. It's the only thing that helps me sleep. I would rather smoke something natural then something made in a lab.

  3. The word for Cannabis was mistranslated from the Greek. God gave Moses the ingredients for the healing oil. Cannibis was one of the ingredients. Cannibis without THC. The healing oil was scientificly proven to heal inflammation and pain. So that used in the right way, you will be sober minded. No sin committed.

  4. Genesis 1:29

    King James Version

    And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed,
    which is upon the face of all the earth,
    and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed;
    to you it shall be for meat. (food)

  5. he says its a big no no because he does not speak of it in the bible but there are things he speak in the bible that you should not do? For example the 10 commandments

  6. I feel like murder is a lot worse than smoking and the Bible still went into say thou shall not kill, so you saying that “because it’s not mentioned pretty much make it’s common sense that’s it’s a no no” has no real proof behind it, Jesus drank wine and alcohol is far more intoxicating than marijuana, I personally feel that if we put god above everything else than we are fine

  7. This is a very fuzzy topic for me cause when I smoke and get "high" I'm still able to think clearly even more clearly sometimes and I still keep my responsibilities, it's not addictive and I can control it. But I still feel like I should stop so I try


  9. Well there is proof that it is good for you, the only bad it can do is smoking because any type of smoke in your lungs is bad, but if your taking it in a herb vaporiser or in a food,

  10. You are Rong Exodus 30 vuris 23 Calamus is oil from weed not THC ok wos use cinnamon is the term we use today but if you go to the Hebrew text you will see the correct word that was used this was a mistake that they made in the Catholic Bible that someone had discovered and they tried to keep it from us

  11. Does it violate the moral laws (a.k.a. 10 Commandments? Does it violate the health laws and social laws (Levitical laws)? … Quick answer is NO, but remember, just like anything else, it can be abused and it can easily move into the place of God and violate the moral laws and health laws. Marijuana, just like anything else can be abused. Look at sugar, look at alcohol, sex,…. People try to fund hope in meaningless places. Look to Jesus!

  12. Do you feel like it's 50/50 like drugs could be saving your life. And some doctors use some of them. If you look in Egypt they used cannabis for medical use. People with glaucoma uses it. You can drink wine but you can't get drunk. I believe it's how you use it and the reason why you uses it. If it natural it was ment to be used, how we use it and why we use it and how we become from it is the test.

  13. I guess if you eat the nug it would coincide with a fruit of a plant. Havnt met any stoners that eat the bag, unless they were getting pulled over. Lol. God says intoxication is bad regardless of what it is. Try smoking a joint in moderation.. Lol. God Bless All!!

  14. It’s crazy how you find videos that transform your beliefs, I’m just back from a journey down YouTube’s corridors and it’s crazy to think that maybe god sent me down those corridors as a way of helping him find him, I’ve done nothing but watch videos about the Bible and different things related to god and it just seems as tho it was meant to be…

  15. I feel like weed just like alcohol used responsibly isn’t a bad thing, as long as you do it in MODERATION, when you’re addicted to something it is disrespectful to the Lord because you have made it an idol in your life.

  16. I guess a lot of people are looking for some reason to use and abuse drugs. Its sad that so called Christians try to get others to believe its ok to drink do drugs live like the devil. Wow deceivers. the bible warns about the last days people will deceive and be deceived. Real Christians that really love God is not looking for someway to justify them self when doing wrong. They repent and turn from it. If people want to live like the devil then dont use the name Christian go ahead and be a sinner live it up because Jesus said if you die in your sins where I am ye cannot come. Ive never seen so many liars and deceivers on youtube in my life. If youre going to be a christian live like one. You are the servant to who you obey. Christian means Christ like. Wow what a mixed up world. Most people dont want to live for Jesus they just want to carry the name Christian thinking thats going to get them to Heaven. News Flash it doesnt work like that. Jesus said why call ye me Lord Lord and do not those things which i say. Why do some people put videos on Youtube with the question what does the bible say and then try to get people to believe its ok to live like the devil and make them think its ok. Stupid. They will answer to God for doing that. Its bad enough for a person to sin but trying to get other people to do that shows that person is wicked. And the Bible says that God is angry with the wicked every day.

  17. My opinion is, there is a big difference between a chemical Lab and a Tree! From my point of View, cannabis its a gift from our creator to cure our souls. Without weed i was a terrible men. Aggressive, lying, stealing and so on. Since i discovert weed bout 20 years ago for me, i feel my so much better and my creator Million Miles closer. No offense. But the world wide gouverments Devils war against Cannabis, is standing for those pervert war against Gods Creation and life inself. Everyone should have the joyce how to live as long you are a good and friendly Member of the socity. Thank you for your Video. Greetings from Bavaria germany

  18. I agree your body is your temple yes. But weed had no bad effects to your body unless you smoke it. But you inhale anything that’s not supposed to be in your lungs will hurt you. But edibles or anything like that will not hurt your body. Cannabis is great for your body and can do many many things for you. I will say this. I think god will judge the people who judge and shun those who judge those for smoking more than he will someone who smokes. Those are just in the wrong as the rest of us. You say well I pray and sing in gods name everyday so I am perfect but you go home and judge me or my neighbor for what we do. When that makes you just as much as a guilty sinner as all of us.

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