What Does Smoking Marijuana Feel Like 🤷🏻‍♂️? Our Experience With Weed

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  1. For me, it allows me to do more work. Maybe it's because I suffer from back pain. I just get high and concentrate on doing as much as I can faster. It works for me. Downsides: sometimes I forget stuff, auditory hallucinations.

  2. I started smoking weed after HS. It was great! I stopped for SEVERAL years and now it feels nothing like it use to. Not sure why. Now the only reason why I smoke it is because of pain/nausea. Pretty much has zero recreational benefit now (unless I find the right strain… which is rare).

  3. at low amounts its just feel likes my eyes are heavy and an overall good feeling
    but in higher amounts it feels like I'm in a different dimension/having a different state of mind that bends reality
    also at super high ammounts i dive into a different world and i feel like im not human anymore but a free floating soul

  4. Weed is great to watch movies, play video games, listening to music and reading. But it’s true that when you start having too many things to do you can’t smoke that much. For example right now I’m on vacations so I’m smoking indica right after I wake up and all day long with my gf who is on vacations too. But as soon as I start work I just smoke two or three bonghits at night to relax, watch some cartoons and go to sleep. It also helps me when I need some inspiration or motivation since I am a digital artist.

  5. Its such a weird plant- guess I got lucky. When I smoke it im sharppp, super calculated. Got me through Grad School, starting my Real estate business, sh*tt I even learned how to program in Python all while high. The human brain is so weird 🙃

  6. My brain just goes deep and thinks negative alllll the time, people say it relaxes the body but i feel like it tenses up my body and i have pains and think ima have a stroke or something. Horrible

  7. In most videos about Cannabis, they only inform about theoretical science and dry facts behind weed, in a seemingly unexperienced manner. It is seldomly outlined in detail how it actually feels like on a subjective level, which is presumably the most interesting insight. I have smoked weed more than 10 times (mostly alone and in the form of a joint) and here is my take on the subjective effects:

    After the first inhale you cough a lot and hard, you shortly after feel a slight itching, even burning down the bottom of your lungs – simmilar to cigars, but a little more intense. Then you feel an increase in your heart beat rate. Your nose might run and your eyes might tear a little. Shortly after, you sense the formation of an invisible layer underneath the skin of your whole body, which kind of feels like when your arm goes numb, but just that the sensory perception is amplified instead of numbed. You feel more light headed and a true shift in your conscious perception, almost like rising higher as if your head blew up like a baloon. If this is your first time smoking weed, then that process might feel like being strapped onto an accelerating starship in space, where you sit first row in the cockpit. You might laugh for no reason. You might have a shorter memory and attention span. You might feel more lazy and like doing nothing. So much so that even standing up and going to the door might feel like sports or an intensive mission. You're just relaxed and don't feel like doing much. You might talk a lot more than usually, and talk about pointing out some things you find weird or significant, which you have never viewed from another angle before. In this sense you are more curious and find things more fascinating. At some point you might get very hungry and have a seemingly higher capacity to eat in contrast to your sober state (I recommend fruits and berries). Your mouth might feel dry and swallowing could feel very uncomfortable. If you're with other persons, it is possible that you see past all the trivial things of one person and actually see the metacognitive intentions of that individual. The capacity for empathy might be increased. On a mental level, you might think that everyone else is secretly conspiring againsy you, in an almost paranoid way. You will assume and believe that everyone else knows that you smoked weed. On this note it's easy to indulge in an anxious and self-hating mood. Since your thought-flow is faster, it's easy to take things too seriously and drown in depression – especially when you're doing it alone. If so, then you will truely understand how lonely you are and how unimaginably important social connections are for the well-being of ones own psyche. The flow of time might feel slowed down. Moving through space coould feel more resistant, almost as if the air had been replaced with honey. Experiencing life might feel like being forced to watch a 5D movie, of which you are the protagonist. From the outside, you have red eyes, dillated pupils and, of course, smell like weed.

  8. I always feel like people looking at me or saying shit, which is why i prefer to smoke alone. I hate it but its something ive tried avoiding and controlling it but nothing ever worked. Shits crazy but still enjoy it.

  9. Feels like ur soul is being dragged behind like everythings slowed down and light. I imagined myself getting pulled forward and i can feel it. Food tastes 10 times better and u feel sleepy

  10. The “dumbness” happens when you’re not used to the drug. It’s sort of a medicine, as you have to get used to it and you have to find your perfect dosage.. once you learn how to use it properly, it could be very beneficial, however, I don’t think it should be used constantly. Like a once a weekend type of thing.

  11. pros of weed – tingly – your vision is cool because it goes at like 10 fps – you feel heavy when lying down and sitting down – when walking it feels like your floating – can focus really well one just one thing only – food tastes really good – cons – if your really scared of getting caught you will freak out when high – can’t socialise woth sobre people properly only people who are also high – mouth feels dry – eyes feel dry – very hungry surprises and jump scares are scarier –

  12. I'm a musician and marijuana helps tremendously with creativity. I've been stuck in a rut for writing songs for years. I havent used pot in like 5 years and decided to try it again and I've been working on my music more now and came up with stuff I dont think I ever would have sober. I dont love how high thc weed makes me feel but I love low thc high cbd.

  13. Sativa sounds like a more energetic clear mind smoke but to me it makes me paranoid and makes my mind race. A not so heavy Indica is the way to go for me. Relaxing without the paranoia.

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