1. I was working back to back 12 hour shifts, waking up at 4 O'clock in the moring and starting work at 6 O'clock.

    When I used canabis I only used it after a night shift when I absolutely struggled with sleeping.

    For example I worked two night shift per week , I would smoke canabis after my first night shift so I would sleep at least 6 hours. After my second night shift I wouldn't touch the pipe because I new I had 24 hours to recuperate and go back to work on days again.

    I never ever wanted to go on sleeping pills plus my doctor told me that due to my drifts switching from days to nights and the back to days sleepings pills would be no use.

  2. marijuana has an effect of acceleration in your mental but your conclusions are very inexperienced and lacks the front layer of your kholo9 manners modesty smartness from matters of a real time , that real time is the time when you don't consume it where your speed is back to normal optimum speed complying to your memory ) and this part of it shows that is actually a mental intoxicant when its shared with others which means recreational , that is a negative part of it
    but if it is used on your own to accelerate you defeating against any perversion it accelerate its (deficiency ) its removal and this is only if you fight back , and when you become active back in the speed of a real time , you will feel something back in your mind is defeating your usual perversion and that is a beneficial part of it but don't get me wrong you are exposed to shayaateen you just need to fight back
    i think we need to use it only for the well being of mental health .

  3. Morphine from opium is very harmful and intoxicating. However Muslims continue to use it as a painkiller and sedative. Therefore consider it halal.

    Cannabis is much much less harmful and can treat depression, glaucoma, loss of appetite, insomnia and more without side effects but many consider it haram.


  4. Assalamualaikum, I watched this video and a question rose in my head. Cannabis WAS classified among hard drugs like cocaïne which are MAN MADE. the UN recently removed cannabis from that list and there are countries that are progressing by creating new industries only from planting something that old aged civilization used. I have that you made an opinion about cannabis from what was told to us by scientists, media, and most importantly those who once classified Marijuana in the hard drugs list. Till date, the rate of death caused by Marijuana is nil and still many countries do nothing to reduce accidents by penalising alcohol consumption.

  5. Alcohol is haram cause it causes fights and you guys know buddies of prophet started beating each other with bones after getting drunk. After that alcohol was made haram.
    While if you smoke weed it increases brotherhood and love.

  6. Alcohol is more dangerous than heroin. Meat and junk food is harmful and also addictive. Psychedelics are much safer and have medical value. BTW prophetic visions could have been inspired by then.

  7. Why do Muslims sell products that are prohibited for use in their stores, tobacco products, alcohol, etc?
    Hypothetical living being?
    Financial gains?
    Practice what you preaching?

    Just a few questions I am confused about.

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