What Causes a Cannabis Plant to Hermie

Wondering why a female Cannabis plant is producing seeds? In this video, Rob & Trey break down exactly what causes a plant to hermie. Join the Club …


  1. Same dude I have ran sme realy good bag strains and they have been good first lot did hermi was light Leak but the next run of mix bag seed strains was perfect the one pheno was very nice wish I'd of reverted her now but got a shit load of geloto dream seeds

  2. i bought some gorilla glue of some dude and there where a few seeds in the buds so i planted them 5 weeks ago im sure 1 of them is female she got the pistols and is looking healthy i just hope she wont make bananas 🙂

  3. These two guys crack me up, like to Stone kids I knew in high school. It's one of three ways, you either like getting stoned , you like money, or you have a connection with nature. 1 is a slow education, 2 a little quicker education, 3 things almost makes sense from the get-go.

    Long story short thanks for the laughs

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