What Can Stop Bitcoin (BTC)? Should Investors be Concerned? Big Uranium Mine Closes / The Scoop

Bitcoin (BTC) is exploding this year and some say it can not be stopped! What do Scoop Investors think? Is anyone concerned about Bitcoin going to far to fast?


  1. 2 things can bring it down a rush to cash from market corrections/ crash. Or the same thing that brought bit coin down last time in January the price of china's electricity.

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  5. I'm worried that big investors could pull profit from Bitcoin. I'm worried government will impose windfall taxes on Bitcoin. I'm worried government will add regulation to Bitcoin. I'm worried banks won't accept bitcoin for cash withdrawals. I'm worried the SEC will file lawsuits.

  6. For now I think it will trade in a range to the upside and bringing it down would be a market correction. Institutional participation keeping it high. Goverment intervention/regulation a la ECBs Lagarde would make it even more justifiable as will the countrys who are now starting taxation on the trade. Thanks for a great show!

  7. I don't think government regulation would bring down btc. Short-term maybe, but long term it could bring in more institutional buyers because it would provide more transparency in the markets. I think the pending lawsuit with Tether is the biggest issue that could cause the biggest correction. It could bring a lot of FUD and cause a big short term correction, but long term nothing will stop btc. Bitcoin's rise isn't solely based on tether manipulation like the skeptics think, I don't buy that conspiracy at all. But there is some sketchy stuff going on with Tether, and if it is revealed it could cause a big correction.

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