WEEK IN MY LIFE | snowboarding + healthy & productive + getting back into routine

A week in my life where i am getting back into routine / getting back on track with being healthy and productive for the new year in 2021. I also go snowboarding …


  1. Girl you eat so healthy!!! I loveee it! Also the strap to support your back looks like such a great thing to try out! When you went snowboarding! Looked like so much fun!🙈 1000% missing doing fun activities like that! Fab video girly ! I loved this!☺️💖💖

  2. Ooo salmon with rice is so so good, I love it! it makes me feel so good after too! I love your bank robber fit ahahah 😂 I haven't been snowboarding in so so long! Looked like you had such a fun time with your friends!! The day after snowboarding is the worst, literally can't walk for days after!! Thanks for sharing with us 💕

  3. Hey girly here tuning in❤️❤️ also your face is flawless your food looks so good and healthy omg you working on resin how cool I have worked a little little bit with resin so fun I think the best part is waiting on it to cure the resin your working on looks super cute by the way love the mold I definitely need to take some time to work out 🏋️‍♀️ your food looks so healthy yumm haha omg never thought about why our backs go like that haha but I also have a back harness thing don’t use it as much as I should .. haha uhhh I just forgot my own joke haha 😂 omg how fun I have never been snow boarding how fun where do you live ? Omg watching you snow board in the dark reminds me of the movie frozen on hulu so scary lol not the cartoon movie haha omg how cool you got a small business gana check out your tiktok ❤️❤️

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