Week 5 of flower, Superglue OG, nutes vs ferts in organics

If you are interested in my grow setup; see below; Marshydro TS-3000 I use for flower can be found here for those interested: …


  1. Awesome grow boss you seem to have the organic thing perfected. Ive been using Dr earth dry amendments and worm castings on my soil in 3 gal fabrics and giving it un ph'd distilled water, and the occasional compost tea. I must be doing something wrong because my plants are showing both burnt tips and yellowing leaves. .do you think I should pH my water?

  2. Popped two White Widows the other day. Wife named our first girl that broke the the surface “Penelope” lol. I’m keeping a photo log of my progress. Just know, I’m using the info I’m learning here to grow my first plant in over 25 years. Thanks Brother!

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