1. You know, I have done it off and on for… 3 decades? give or take. I recently went years without it – only smoking about 2 or 3 times a year. For maybe a week or two.

    I have been smoking again for the past several months. (Since my mom passed away.) And I ran out today, but my brother was coming from out of town to bring me some, but couldn't make it. I have a dealer too but, you know, one of the worst things about weed for me is trying to buy the shit. See, dealers don't have jobs, so they do whatever tf they want all day, and, therefore, they have zero sense of time or urgency. And they don't care if they waste your entire day, delaying and changing plans about where and when to meet.

    So when I want to buy some weed, I have to wait – all damn day. It's oh, i'll call you back in an hour. Then an hour and a half later they call to tell you that it's gonna be another hour. This goes on for awhile. Next thing you know, I have wasted my entire day off waiting to meet the weed man. Sigh.

    Meh, think i'll just quit again.

    See weed activates your dopamine – the brain's reward chemical. Weed artificially activates it, to reward you for doing NOTHING! Eventually you get immune to the reward that dopamine gives, and you have to smoke more weed or do more accomplishments. Dopamine depletion. Eventually your normal accomplishments give no dopamine – give no reward. When I didn't smoke, I felt just as good as when I do smoke now, so what's the point. It's really a waste of time and money, and smoke is not good for your body, lungs, heart, blood pressure, either.

    Yeah, time to take a nap and deal with the withdrawal then.

  2. You forgot to mention the people who've been trying to push marijuana and have been trying to sell it to us for years (read: drug dealers); although all things said, I'd rather have it legal and I'd honestly rather be able to have access to it without criminal penalties because it's my body and I should be able to get high if I want to.

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