Weed Wedding Expos & Pot Smuggled as Limes | News Nug | CoralReefer

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  1. I think it's a shame that I have to find a plug where I'm at in Florida just to get my medicine. instead of being able to walk to a dispensary and just buy my shit like everyone else and these medical States

  2. thank you coral for being so open with your anxiety and your use of cannabis to care for it. I use to be on so many different medication. then I discovered your channel a year ago and it have been the courage to try cannabis and explore the world of it. now I'm a full mmj patient and I've never felt better not using pills. 😘💨 world reefer and snap reefer forever

  3. i was watching all the bs on twitter and i was thinking, why spend so much time hating on other females when you can tell them how pretty they are or how bomb their makeup is and watch their face light up. Love you coral you know ive been a part of your school of fishies for years 💜peace love and positivity

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